Chilean Comptroller is asked to investigate lithium tender | News

Several deputies opposed to the outgoing government of Sebastián Piñera on Thursday presented an appeal to the Comptroller General of Chile to request that the lithium tender announced by the Ministry of Mining be investigated and annulled.


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Seven deputies presented an official letter to the Comptroller General, Jorge Bermúdez, to review the legality of the adjudication process to the companies BYD Chile SpA and Servicios y Operaciones Mineras del Norte SA

Chile’s Mining Ministry reported Wednesday that two quotas were awarded, out of the five available, of 80,000 tons of lithium each, for a total of 121 million dollars.

The deputies called on the comptroller to, “based on the information provided, initiate an investigation in order to gather information on the legality of the actions of the Ministry of Mining, in the contractual iter.”

“Specifically, the compliance of the bidding rules with the authorization framework of the Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission, within the framework of the call and approval of the public bidding rules for the signing of a special operation contract for exploration, exploitation and benefit of lithium deposits, “they said.

One of the deputies who supported this action, Leonardo Soto, rejected that the current Chilean government, weeks to complete its term, take this decision that has been questioned by various sectors of the country.

In turn, deputy Juan Santana, a member of the Mining Commission, stated that the objective was to have information on the process “that we consider shameful and unacceptable for our country.”

For his part, the president-elect, Gabriel Boric, regretted the conclusion of the contracts and added that this fact was reminiscent of the tie-up laws that certain governments made when they were leaving their functions.

The companies will have seven years to carry out the geological exploration and develop the project, and I could extend it for two more years. Then they will have 20 years for production.

According to the statement from the Ministry of Mining, both companies will be responsible for caring for the environment as well as maintaining a good relationship with the surrounding communities.