Chile extends for the fourth time the state of emergency in the southern zone | News


The Senate Chamber approved the extension of the constitutional state of exception in the South Macrozone, specifically in the provinces of Arauco and Biobío, in the region of the same name, and in the entire Region of La Araucanía.


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The approval means the sixth extension of the state of emergency during the Government of Gabriel Boric in two regions in the south of the country so that the armed forces continue to patrol the roads in the face of an escalation of violence in those areas.

Previously, on Friday morning, Parliament approved the measure with 121 votes in favor, six against and four abstentions.

With this approval, this measure is maintained until the second week of August, since this Saturday –July 30– the state of emergency, declared on May 16 of this year, expired.

The measure, which will be in force for 15 days in the entire region of La Araucanía and in two of the three provinces of Biobío —600 kilometers south of the Chilean capital—, advanced with majority votes in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. .

It has been in force since last May 16 and it is the fourth time that it has been approved by Congress, since in the first two the government does not need its permission.

Hours before Congress voted on the measure, Daniela Dredsner, presidential delegate for the Biobío region, had asked the country’s Parliament to renew the measure.

Spokesmen for Chile Vamos affirmed that they were considering voting against the government’s request as a “protest” for the way in which it has applied the measure.

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