Children live their own tragedy after the hurricane; face new reality

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Children have their own story after the hurricane Otis; His classes are suspended, as are games with most of his friends. Cristian, 10 years old, is taking refuge with his family in the school where he was taking classes just 13 days ago; Jeferson feels worried about his friends whom he knows nothing about and about his teacher who has a heart condition, and Cristian saw how his family's assets were blown away by the force of the hurricane.

In 2020, Inegi counted 779,566 inhabitants in Acapulco. The largest age range is children between 10 and 14 years old with 66 thousand 5 people; The second range is between 15 and 19 years old, with 65,931. They live their reality, consciously and with a spirit that can surprise.

Jeferson, Cristian and Issac live in Puerto Marqués, one of the areas of Acapulco dedicated practically 100% to tourism, from restaurants, fishing and boat rentals. The 3 were injured and are aware that they face a new reality.

Our restaurant was destroyed, the palapas fell, two armchairs were stolen from the restaurant, figures fell, our little virgin was blown up, and I tell my dad, like the first day we arrived here: we can get ahead, and we will always be able to.” , this is how Isaac, at 9 years old, conceives life amidst disaster.

He even has a vision of the aid they have received: "What López Obrador does is excellent, he helps us, they give us groceries, the Navy is helping us, and I want to thank all those who are suffering in this, so that they can get out." go ahead, and may they live. “One cannot give up on the dream one has had, nor on everything that God gives us, food, life.”

Jeferson Urbina, 9 years old, is another of the Puerto Marqués children affected. The sheets of his house were taken away by the hurricane. He now sleeps in a restaurant with his mother, where she works. He remembers the night of the hurricane, “my grandfather saved us because he put china in the bathroom, we were able to take refuge there, and we miraculously got in.”

He says he is worried about his friends at school, from whom he has not heard anything for 13 days, but mainly about his teacher, who “has a bad heart.”

Cristian, 10 years old, now sleeps at the Federal Urbana Morelos primary school, where he took classes. He saw how the wind took everything from his house, the pictures, the TV, “everything.” He speaks little, but he says that he feels good, he liked going to school and now he lives there for a few days.

13 days from Otisthe children continue without classes, wrapped in the new reality from which they will have to wake up with their parents.


Due to the generosity and trust of Mexicans, the Mexican Red Cross has sent 1,499 tons of humanitarian aid to support the victims left by the hurricane. Otis in Guerrero.

With the delivery of pantries that include food, personal hygiene and cleaning products, the affected families have been able to cope with the difficult situation triggered by the hurricane.

In addition, the institution explained that cash donations have made it possible to provide an immediate response to the emergency through the transfer and mobilization of humanitarian aid and volunteers. As well as the reconstruction of the Red Cross delegation in Acapulco and the acquisition of ambulances and units that were damaged.

Personnel from the Mexican Red Cross continue to deliver humanitarian aid to those affected by Otis in Guerrero. Photo: Special

The Red Cross asked citizens to continue adding support and donations for the benefit of the victims. Among the products that are most required are oil, beans, sugar, lentils, milk formulas, bottles, diapers, deodorants, razors and shampoo, among others.

The collection center is located in the facilities of the national headquarters located at Juan Luis Vives No. 200, Los Morales Polanco neighborhood, CDMX.

-Brenda Salas

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