Children in children's play spin until they vomit; here the video

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The birthday parties The little ones always offer fun and unique moments; but sometimes they end badly. An example of this was captured in a viral videoin which some children they went up in a rotating or carousel children's game, and they began to spin around arrive to threw up.

On social networks the video of some children at a party they went up to a children's game that went around. As expected, the small they turned to the maximum, until vomitingwhich worried a woman supervising them.

As seen in the video, the woman who took care of the little ones them begged that stop the game, because they were going at high speed; He was also concerned that they would vomit because they had just eaten. However, the children ignored it, until everything went wrong.

Given the force with which the children's game revolveda little girl jumped off the platform, falling to the floor, but this did not stop the children from continuing to spin. The problem was when one of the children who was on top of the carousel, stuck his head between the tubes, to vomit.

“Stop it, now! Mateo is vomiting! “Mateo is vomiting!” said a woman.

He child's vomit fell to about centimeters of the girl That had been winnowed of attraction. However the children's game kept spinning and while the older ones laughed at the funny anecdote, a little one cried for fear of being muddied by the regurgitation or because perhaps she was about to take second.

Reactions to a child who vomits from spinning in a children's game

Before the video of boy at children's party who vomits for climbing a children's game and spin At full speed, Internet users reacted, as they consider that many things happened at the same moment. They even believe that the frame of the audiovisual material could be a artwork.

On the other hand, Internet users were amused that the responsible for recording the video has captured such an 'epic' moment, since currently it is difficult to see some children having fun in a children's game and spin until they vomit; This is because today's generations generally spend their time on cell phones.

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