Chiky Bombom confessed that he donated a kidney to someone very important in his life. Who is it?

Chiky Bombom saved the life of a relative by donating a kidney.

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The television host Chiky Bombom a year and a half ago a bariatric operation was performed to lose weight and thus attack the multiple health problems he had. This week, in an interview in which he discussed his health, She made an important revelation about something that also led her to surgery to save the life of one of the most important people in her life.

During his participation in the E! Latin, 'Eyes of a woman', lissette edward -first name of the influencer- commented that Pathologies such as diabetes and thyroid disease, in addition to a history as a kidney donor, prompted her to undergo a gastric sleeve.

In the program hosted by Elizabeth Gutiérrez, Erika de la Vega, Daniella Álvarez and Carla Medina, the famous Chiky Bombom revealed that the diabetes that haunts her is a family problem and that at one point in his life he donated one of his kidneys to his father, but offered no details on the subject.

“They told me: 'Don't have surgery, if you have surgery, you'll fall.' But I was dying, my love. With many medical complications, I only have one kidney because I donated a kidney to my dad, I come from a family with diabetes and I said: 'But I'm going to die and I don't want to die because this life is too rich and delicious. I have to submit to this." expressed the host of 'Today'.

She also commented that before deciding to have a bariatric operation, she tried everything she could, but she did not reach her goals.

"And I tried everything, I tried weight loss products, I did exercises, but I really didn't have the strength to follow it, it was very tiring, so I had my operation"he explained.

He decided to involve the public that accepted it

The Dominican underwent surgery on December 12, 2021but a week before doing so, she told Univision what she was going to do with the motivation that she wanted to look "fabulous" and healthy on her 40th birthday, which is currently five years away.

"The public accepted me in a way that I will always be grateful for, but I think they accepted me because I was honest because I have to make the public part of this and I did so and it has all been fabulous and spectacular"she explained last Thursday during her participation in 'Ojos de Mujer'.

He boasted his change on social networks

A few days ago, Lissette Eduardo, who is the mother of a teenager, He shared on his social networks the impressive change that his body had after losing about 80 pounds (36 kilos) in a year and a half.

The beloved influencer who went viral on social networks during the pandemic, at which time she motivated millions of people by making videos that said with a lot of energy and positivity, left many speechless with her current appearance: "Hello, hello!"

"ALWAYS LIKE THE PHOENIX RISING FROM THE ASHES MANY UNDERESTIMATE ME AND PAPADIOS ALWAYS EXALTS ME AND LEAVES THEM IN SHAME @drabelbello THANK YOU 🙏🏾 FOR BEING MY ACCOMPLICE IN THIS WONDERFUL CHANGE"was the text that he wrote at the bottom of the video that he shared with several photos of his before and after.
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