‘Chicharito’ drops the Mexican flag and snubbed a child; explains the reasons and apologizes | Videos


Mexican player Javier “Chicharito” Hernández was harshly criticized in recent days due to his behavior towards a child and for dropping the national flag of Mexico on the same day.

This week the forward of the American team LA Galaxy was involved in controversy which occurred on July 30 after appearing in the game against Dallas.

Two videos circulated on social networks in which “Chicharito” is observed starring in both events that he called “unfortunate”.

In chronological order, the moment in which he starred in the Toyota Stadium, home of FC Dallas, where the top scorer of the Mexican National Team decided not to sign a national flag at the end of the match.

In the first video, Chicharito is seen approaching the stands of the stadium to serve LA Galaxy fans. Immediately one of them gives him a Mexican flag to sign, and after exchanging words with the soccer player he decides not to autograph it and drops the flag, making it fall to the ground.

Later, when leaving the stadium, a child approached him to also request an autograph and a photograph, to which Chicharito Hernández denied him.

This Friday on his social networks Javier Hernández apologized and explained what happened in both cases.

“Because of the two videos that are circulating, I am going to start with one, which I think was a little out of context, which was the one with the flag. I saw it and I was talking about it with all my family and all my people, I decided not to sign the flag, after that I really didn’t know that I was holding it, according to how the person who gave it to me was holding itso it is not that I throw it away, but rather that I want to move it so that later I can continue signing more things, unfortunately the flag fell to the floor and I did not even realize it, “he narrated.

He also indicated that he does not want his actions to be interpreted as “a judgment or a questioning of my patriotism or the love I have for my country,” he said.

Regarding the matter in which the minor was involved, he mentioned:

“Then the video of when I’m leaving the Dallas game and I refuse to give the kid a picture or an autograph, we know that’s very unfortunate and obviously I apologize to him and his whole family. I am talking to the Galaxy to see if we can contact him to give him a photo, say hello, even give him a shirt or something, ”he added.

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