'Checo' auctions his helmet from the Mexican GP and donates the proceeds to victims in Guerrero

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After the serious damage caused by the Hurricane Otis on his way through the state of Warriorthe Mexican pilot of the Formula 1, Sergio 'Checo' Pérez decided to contribute to the cause auctioning the helmet he used during the Mexican Grand Prixheld last weekend at the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome From Mexico City.

Through social networks, the CzechPerez Foundation reported on the auction that ended on Monday, urging the solidarity of his followers with the phrase: “Our brothers in Guerrero will appreciate it. Thank you all for always being there and thanks to Checo Pérez for making this a reality.”

The Initial bid for the helmet from Guadalajara was 500 thousand pesosHowever, as the day went by, the offers increased significantly. Updates given on the foundation's Instagram account showed the rapid progress in the collection to be donated to the victims. 700 thousand, one million, one million 200 thousand, one million 500 thousand, one million 700 thousand!

After being available for hours in the digital auction, the helmet designed by a Mexican follower of the pilot was auctioned for 1,700,000, which, according to the foundation's website, will be donated to support all those affected by the incident that hit the coasts of Guerrero.

As in previous years, it is a tradition of the Mexican pilot to use a special helmet at his home racewhich on this occasion was designed by an amateur.

The 'Checo' helmet has confettitraditional in the festive offerings during November 1 and 2, and where you can read Never give up! (Never give up!), traditional phrase of the Red Bull driver.

The predominant color is the traditional one Red Bull navy bluebut it has yellow, lemon green and orange parts, typical tones in celebrations of the Day of the Dead.

Finally, the helmet contains magueyestraditional plants from Jalisco.

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