ChatGPT, the virtual assistant that revolutionizes the organization of a wedding

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Thus, this virtual assistant can become a great ally to support some elements of planning, such as wedding vows, fashion trends, decoration and beauty.

Organizing a wedding is a great moment in which the couple can capture their story, tastes, style and personality and share them with their guests. But, at the same time, they face a great challenge if they do not know where to start and what they need to achieve a dream wedding. That is why on, a reference website in the bridal sector belonging to the international group The Knot Worldwide, they identified five ways ChatGPT can help couples in organizing your wedding and four in which it might not be the best option.

ChatGPT in organizing a wedding
According to the Global Wedding Report 2023, In Mexico a wedding is planned 8 to 10 months in advance. So a tool that can simplify some tasks, guide and give clarity to couples is appreciated at a stage like this. ChatGPT has the ability to answer with a serious or informal tone and can be adapted to a specific region. It does not replace the work of people, such as professionals in the wedding sector, but it complements the work.

In what elements of the wedding organization is ChatGPT useful?

Marriage vows and love poems

Even the strong love you feel for another person is sometimes not easy to express in words. There are some individuals who are more capable of demonstrating their love with actions. According to the White Paper on Weddings, 81% of couples choose a religious wedding and 4% a symbolic one. During this moment, before placing the rings, you have the opportunity to say your vows and share them with your partner and guests. But, if this causes them stress, because they don't know exactly what to say or because they have so many ideas that they can't express them correctly, the chatbot can be an effective ally to generate ideas for wedding vows.

Likewise, there are some couples who like love poems, but poem writing is not for everyone. So with the help of ChatGPT you can create a decent poem to share. It is essential to be clear that a machine will never be able to describe what the love of a couple means or the complicity that exists between them.

With certain specifications, ChatGPT can return the desired information. For example: wedding vows, Mexico City, youthful tone, couple dating for five years, etc. From it is advisable to use what this AI showed as inspiration and then give it a more personal touch.

Tips on trends in wedding hairstyles, dresses and decoration

This artificial intelligence can provide a general idea of ​​trends in wedding dresses, beauty and decoration, among others. For example, wedding hairstyles, trends in wedding dresses and decoration according to the type of wedding (boho, modern, traditional, etc.).

This is just a guide, but, after entering the world of weddings, it remains to investigate thoroughly, look for the best options on the internet, social networks or wherever the couple prefers and review reviews of photography, beauty, and floral arrangements providers. , wedding venues, music, etc. According to him Global Wedding Report, couples hire an average of 10 professionals in the wedding sector. In the case of Mexico, the most hired are photography (85%), beauty and makeup (76%), music (73%), dress (65%) and cake (64%). For the wedding location, Mexicans prefer to get married in a living room (63%) or in a garden (30%). These are perfect places to give free rein to creativity and opt for new trends in decoration, which ChatGPT can surely recommend.

Etiquette and protocol

If the couple has doubts or questions about proper etiquette and protocol for different moments of the wedding, ChatGPT can guide them. Thus, they will have information about entry protocols, speeches, order of each stage of the ceremony and other etiquette rules related to the ceremony and reception.

Wedding song list

ChatGPT can be a great ally to know what has been the most heard thing in recent years at weddings. In this way, the couple can create a list of songs to share with the DJ or musical group that you hire. Music is one of the most important elements in this type of celebrations. Furthermore, according to the Global Wedding ReportNowadays those who get married try to get a celebration where colors, smoke cannons, lights and music reign, something known as Wedding Festival. A trend that has become very popular and is inspired by music festivals.

Brainstorming and time management

With this artificial intelligence it is possible develop a brainstorm to generate activities, identify essential elements or give order to planning. Some examples would be: how to create an original wedding, what elements are needed, where to start, what a wedding entails, which suppliers are essential and which are a plus.

ChatGPT can generate both text and spreadsheets to suit users' needs. Although, of course, it does not replace professionals, but its use helps to organize things intelligently and efficiently, to maximize time.

When is it better not to use ChatGPT for the wedding?

Choosing bridal fashion

ChatGPT offers advice, makes comparisons and solves planning problems, but it cannot know which dress best suits a bride or which suit suits the groom's personality. That is something that until it is seen, it is not advisable to make a decision, because there could be regret. At there are other options, also digital, but somewhat more inspiring, such as the wedding dress catalog with about 15,000 dresses from more than 150 designers. You can filter by designer, by season and by neckline. For grooms, there is also a list of suit suppliers and you can filter by sale, design, rental, or image and styling advice.

wedding budget

The chatbot offers a guide to the average costs of things and can give suggestions. But, the best thing is for the couple who will get married to decide together. What budget do you have for the wedding and what is your margin in case the budget changes?. It is important to be clear about which suppliers are necessary for the wedding and do the math. The budgeter is a simple tool that allows you to define and distribute the budget, as well as establish approximate costs and compare them with real prices. Finally, when the total amount is added, an estimate of expenses by category is automatically made for greater control.

Choose the wedding location

90% of couples look for information and advice on the internet and social networks for their wedding. On the portal there is a list of wedding venues that can be filtered by area. Upon entering each of them, it is possible to read the description, the services they offer, the price range and the rating given by other couples. After choosing a few, it is best to visit them in person to make sure they fit the type of wedding the couple wants.

ChatGPT is not 100% accurate

Just as it is a useful virtual assistant for some things, it may not be so useful for others, because like any other AI model it makes mistakes and does not give 100% accurate or updated answers. So, in this way, it simplifies some planning processes, but it is not the only solution to achieve satisfactory results. It is always necessary contrast the information and verify it first hand so as not to get surprises. Whether for both manage the guests and organize the tables to choose the decoration and extra details that you want to integratelike the video, make a wedding festivalincorporate new and personalized things like food trucksphoto booth, cakes, etc., it is necessary to be present and verify for yourself.

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