ChatGPT can now search for data on the internet

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The famous generative artificial intelligence (AI) interface ChatGPT can now search for data directly on the Internet and collect updated information in real time, announced the company OpenAI, creator of the application.

Until now, ChatGPT's responses to plain language requests were based on a vast database with the most recent results dating back to August 2021.

This limited the relevance and exhaustiveness of the elements proposed by the conversational robot that has caused so much talk since its launch in November.

OpenAI had already activated this option for paying ChatGPT subscribers in June, but suspended it after users theoretically managed to access paid content on the internet for free.

"Browse with Bing", the product launched on Wednesday, is also reserved for users subscribed to the Plus and Enterprise services, although OpenAI indicated that it will soon be accessible to all ChatGPT users.

Microsoft, an OpenAI partner, already offered access to Bing Chat, an integration of GPT-4 - the language model that served to create ChatGPT - to its internet search engine, as did Google with Bard, its search engine. conversation.

The open architecture model, which allows the application to access content from different sources on the Internet, presents more risks than resorting to a single database, controlled by the program editor.

Although ChatGPT will present the sources used for your responses, it is more susceptible to returning content with errors.

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