Charles of England affirms before the French Senate that "Ukraine will triumph"

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The King of England, Charles III, reiterated this Thursday before the French Senate the unwavering solidarity of the United Kingdom and France with Ukraine and their joint "determination" that "Ukraine will triumph." The words of the British monarch, which express the will of his Government, take on special relevance at a very delicate moment in the counteroffensive against the Russian invaders and when fissures are emerging between Kyiv and its allies.

Charles III has used French, a language he dominates, in most of his speeches in the Upper House. The British sovereign makes his first state visit to France since he succeeded his mother, Elizabeth II. Today he will check the status of the reconstruction works at Notre Dame Cathedral and then travel to the suburb of Saint-Denis, a socially problematic area that will host many of the facilities for the 2024 Olympic Games. Tomorrow he will conclude his trip in Bordeaux .

Charles III urges Paris and London to promote measures against the climate emergency and the environmental crisis

"The United Kingdom will always be one of the closest allies and one of the best friends of France," said the King of England at the beginning of his speech before the senators. The illustrious guest spoke of "the rich and complex tapestry" of relations between the two countries, in which his mother represented "the golden thread that will always shine."

According to Charles III, between Paris and London there is "an indispensable cooperation" that is reflected in the United Nations Security Council, where both countries have a permanent seat and the right to veto, in the G-7 forum and in NATO. The monarch recalled De Gaulle, who led the resistance to the Nazi occupiers from London, and also Winston Churchill, who came to propose, in the middle of World War II, a merger of the two countries to confront Germany.

The king remembers De Gaulle and Churchill in the face of "a new unjustified aggression on our continent"

"Today, more than 80 years after having fought, side by side, for the liberation of Europe, we once again face unjustified aggression on our continent," said Charles III, without expressly citing Russia. "Our determination and our alliance are more important than ever," he stressed, and promised to support Ukraine until victory.

The King of England has also addressed the environmental issue and the climate crisis, problems that particularly concern him and for which he has been sensitive for decades, and has asked that London and Paris collaborate and promote an energetic policy to alleviate the situation.

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