Chaos and violence reign in Haiti

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The human rights situation in Haiti is marked by brutal attacks, including indiscriminate murders and kidnappings directed against the civilian population, the United Nations said.

According to a UN report, between January 1 and September 9, there were three thousand homicides and more than 1,500 kidnappings.

The violence is such that 200,000 people fled their homes, half of whom are children.

Against this backdrop, last Monday, the UN Security Council approved the deployment of a multinational mission to support the security of the Caribbean country.

With this decision, the international organization can authorize the use of force after all other measures to maintain peace and security have been exhausted.

Following the approval, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Haiti urged member states “to contribute to this mission to restore democratic institutions” in the country.

In the name of the women and girls raped every day, of the thousands of families expelled from their homes, of the children and young people of Haiti, who have been denied the right to education and instruction, in the name of an entire people which is a victim of gang barbarism, I urge the international community to act quickly,” declared Ariel Henry, prime minister of the Caribbean country.

The human rights situation is marked by brutal attacks, including indiscriminate murders and kidnappings directed against the civilian population, the United Nations insisted.

Likewise, 5.2 million people, about half of the total population, need humanitarian aid, including three million children, according to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).

Extreme violence and snipers

Armed violence and attacks by organized crime groups and gangs against the population are increasing, the UN said.

Last August, Excelsior published that Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, is currently under the control of gangs.

For decades, gangs were limited to the slums of big cities, but now they control 80% of Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince,” said an analysis by the analysis firm International Crisis Group.

The majority of kidnapping victims are women and children who, according to a United Nations report, are used for financial gain or to carry out tactical activities.

In addition, gangs use snipers to shoot at the population, according to the UN.

In addition, criminals use sexual violence, including gang rape, to terrorize women and girls.

The appearance of parapolice vigilante movements represents added complexity to an already very complicated security situation,” the organization said. National institutions are ill-equipped to restore the rule of law, he added.

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