Changes to the basic education curriculum, steamrolled and without a clear strategy, senator Lupita Saldaña denounces


Mexico.- Senator Lupita Saldaña requested a detailed report from the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) on the changes to the curricular framework and 2022 study plan for basic education, in which school grades disappear to replace them with learning phases, which that he considered derive from decisions “taken on the spur of the moment” and without a clear and defined strategy.

He stressed that the federal government does not have adequate planning in education as in other subjects, since everything is the product of improvisation and a strategic vision is lacking, which has negatively impacted the development of students and deepened the lag educational.

In a point of agreement presented in the last session of the Senate during the past ordinary period, the PAN legislator said that the new model that the SEP intends to impose was not consulted with the teachers nor was a pilot program designed to test it.

He explained that its implementation consists of substituting school grades for learning phases, each one covering several school years, from preschool to high school.

“Before this announcement, we want the proposed changes to be clearly reported, on what they were based, if there were consultations with education experts, if the teachers are prepared and trained with enough time and what are the benefits that are expected to be obtained” , he pointed.

Lupita Saldaña, secretary of the Education Commission, said that “with regret we see that decisions are made in a rush, without a clear and defined strategy”, as happened with the recent cancellation of the Full Time Schools program.

We are not opposed to changes that represent some benefit in cognitive development, on the contrary, we are in favor of implementing all actions that tend to raise the quality of education, but what we do not agree with is that they be taken decisions that affect student performance, he stressed.

The PAN legislator stated that Mexican education is in crisis and the new 2022 curriculum does not indicate how it will reverse the problem of educational lag or how it will prevent school dropouts.

There is much to do and it should not be improvised, nor should education be used as an ideological tool, that is the reason why we demand timely and detailed information from the SEP in this regard, he concluded.

The point of agreement was turned in the session of last April 27 to the Education Commission for its study and corresponding opinion.

With information from the PAN

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