'Changes are coming in the EZLN': Marcos; relief sighted

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Without specifying what changes are coming in the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN)Marcos, leader of the armed group, which is about to celebrate 30 years of being up in arms in Chiapas, announced “we are going to make the changes and adjustments that we have been discussing and agreeing on together in these years, and that we have already consulted with all the Zapatista towns.”

The guerrilla leader, who a few days ago demoted himself to captain, and now signs the communications as insurgent captain Marcos, hinted that the Zapatistas will not lay down their arms and that they will continue fighting for freedom.

For this purpose, Marcos turns to the story of Dení, an indigenous girl, of Mayan blood and roots, daughter of an indigenous Zapatista insurgent who was born 5 years ago and belongs to the first of the seventh generation that will live in 120 years. years and for which it is necessary to fight.

“We are going to make the changes and adjustments that we have been discussing and agreeing on together over these years, and that we have already consulted on,” Captain Marcos, leader of the EZLN.

In Marcos' text, the voice of the insurgent subcommander Moisés appears, who is the second in command in command of the EZLN.

So, says Moisés, we have to fight so that this girl, who is going to be born in 120 years, is free and is whatever she wants to be. So we are not fighting for that girl to be a Zapatista or a partisan or whatever she is, but rather for her to be able to choose, when she has sense, what her path is. And not only that she can decide freely, but also and, above all, that she takes responsibility for that decision. That is, she takes into account that all decisions, what we do and what we don't do, have consequences.

In other words, don't blame the system, the bad governments, your parents, your relatives, the men, your partner (whether male or female or whatever), the school, your friendships. Because that is freedom: being able to do something without pressure or obligation, but being responsible for what was done. In other words, knowing the consequences beforehand.”

Moisés, the very likely replacement for Marcos in the Zapatista leadership, if the changes that are outlined are the departure of Marcos from the Zapatista structure, also points out in the statement that we have to think about that girl. See far, then. And, looking at what seems very far away, we have to see what we have to do for that girl to be free. And this is important because the storm is already upon us. The same one we warned about almost 10 years ago. The first thing we see is that the destruction comes faster. What we thought would happen in 10 years is already here.

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This statement from Marcos is notable, since there are 59 days left until the 30th anniversary of the EZLN uprising, and despite the controversies surrounding him, Marcos, as subcommander, and now as captain, the rank he had when the war, is still the leader of the EZLN.

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