Champions League: Real Madrid begins the dream of the '15th' Orejona | Video

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real Madrid It starts this Wednesday in its remodeling Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and before Union Berlin his way in UEFA Champions League 2023-2024with the confidence that their fiefdom, scene of numerous magical continental nights, will be a talisman and begin to guide the desire of the meringues in this competition, against a happy and brave Teutonic team that debuts in the elite of the continent.

The pupils of Carlo Ancelotti They take this Wednesday the first step in the last Champions League with the current format. A first duel, a priori, affordable, that will mark the future of the whites in the competition, in which it will be key to start off on the right foot. The match against the modest Germans should be a formalityalthough he does not want to repeat past mistakes - he lost (2-3) against Shakhtar Donetsk the last time the group stage started at home, in 2020-21-.

The 14-time European Cup champion faces a test against some of the 'little guys' in the group, David vs. Goliath, although a German painting that arrives in Madrid to turn the surprise into reality. However the The meringues' balance against Bundesliga clubs is very positive.

They have only lost one of their last 13 duels against german team in Champions (8V, 4E and 1D). In addition, they are undefeated at home in the continental competition since April 2022, and They have not lost against a German team at the Bernabéu since March 2015, when he Schalke 04 won 3-4.

real Madrid wants to open his European desire with good feelings to reinforce the good feelings with which he has started the season, despite the key injuries of Courtois, Militao and VinĂ­cius, three pillars in the last courses. But the whites have recovered with a new more physical and forceful modelspurred by a Jude Bellinghamauthor of 5 goals and 1 assist in 5 League games, who has landed on his feet in ChamartĂ­n and has already made Madrid fans fall in love with him.

The new idol of the Bernabéu will not miss the first continental event of the season, in an eleven that could undergo some change with the derby against the Atlético de Madrid this Sunday on the horizon. The entrance of Lucas Våzquez cAs a right back in the starting team, she will be forced, due to the injury of Carvajal. While, Carlos Ancelotti confirmed that Modric He will also be part of the game, in a core position with the young people Tchouameni, Camavinga and his own Bellingham.

Without 'Vini', they will form the attack Rodrygo Goes and an inspired Joselu, with two goals in the last two starts. His most recent goal served to culminate the merengue comeback against the Real society (2-1) at home, thus prolonging the full of merengue triumphs in these five days to be solo leader of LaLiga EA Sports with 15 points and only 3 goals against, the fewest in the competition.

The modest Union Berlin will fight in this scenario to cut the white streak and take a great loot from Madrid to fight to avoid being eliminated in this group stage. The imposing Bernabéu will host the debut of the German team in the Champions Leagueto which he arrives with the condition of 'covered', although with the endorsement of his work as well as striking Fourth place last year in the Bundesliga.

However, their start to the league has not been as solid as last season, so their debut in the European elite could serve as a turning point to forget that irregular start. Precisely, he fell in the two most recent days, against RB Leipzig (1-3) and Wolfsburg (2-1), to arrive with more doubts than appropriate to an already complicated square.

Urs Fischer saw how the summer market did not weaken its cheerful and attractive project, even incorporating pieces with experience in competition, such asor Robin Gosens, formerly of Atalanta and Inter. German and Croatian Juranovic They will be the two daggers of the 3-5-2 characteristic of Union Berlin, with the speed dand David Datro Fofana as a threat in attack. Although he is not a starter, the coach could opt for the experience of the Italian central defender. Leonardo Bonucciaccustomed to this type of duels.

Group C / Date 1
Real Madrid vs. Union Berlin
Santiago Bernabeu Stadium
Referee: Espen Eskas (Norway)
Time: 10:45 a.m., central Mexico time

Probable lineups
real Madrid
Fran Garcia
Coach: Carlo Ancelotti

Union Berlin
Coach: Urs Fischer

(With information from Europa Press)

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