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Hours before the expected end, the Istanbul centerthe emblematic taksim square brought together numerous fans of both Manchester City as of the inter milanwhere every second the temperature and enthusiasm increases before the duel that will face both teams in the Champions League final.

They wave flags, both the light blue of the British team and the blue-black of the Italian and chants in front of the large ball installed in the square and, above all, in front of the gigantic replica of the 'Orejona' that occupies the center of Taksim.

The square is always a crossroads for residents and tourists, and fans of both colors merge with a crowd of passers-by from many countries, equally interested in keeping a graphic souvenir of the 'Champions'.

In front of the huge glass, two girls of obvious Caribbean origin take a photo together with an older Turkish couple, conservative in appearance and devoutly veiled.

There are several police vans, but the uniformed ones are idle: there doesn't seem to be any confrontation or tension between the fans. Nothing disturbs the festive atmosphere.

From a municipal bus with loudspeakers, thunderous music warms the atmosphere and an entertainer reminds us that the city has made a huge space for entertainment, concerts and football activities available to fans on the shores of the Sea of ​​Marmara.

But many fans have not found out about this offer, although the program is indicated in the square itself.

In addition, those who have tickets will go tonight to the Atatürk Olympic Stadium, prepared to accommodate 75,000 spectators.

"We will win. Probably one to zero”, ventures Marco, an Inter fan from Venezuela who has come from New York to watch the final.

“The only bad thing is that the stadium is so far away. I think it's almost two hours by public transport and, the truth is, we still don't know how to go ”, he points out in conversation with EFE.

The stadium has a metro connection with Taksim Square, but it is necessary to change the line three times, and although there are indications at the corresponding stations, for someone who does not know the city it can be a small odyssey.

(With information from EFE)

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