Chaco Giménez recognized Santi's presence in Europe: “Everything is his merit”

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Santiago Giménez, from the dream of central defense to stardom as a forward (@cruzazul)

The news of Santiago Gimenez It continues to give something to talk about for good among the media and fans both in Mexico and on the old continent; of course, his father and former soccer player, Christian Gimenez is no exception and once raised the news of 'baby' with the Feyenoordhighlighting that everything is his own merit and thanks to the strong mentality he has.

Meeting at the vestment 2023 from the International Hall of Fame in Pachuca, the former footballer Cruz Azul, 'Chaco' Giménez Some statements were made to the media prior to the start of the ceremony. When questioned about the sacrifices and efforts he has made Santiago to be one of the best forwards in Europe, Christian He did not skimp when pointing out that everything was the merit of the Mexican striker.

We are happy. It's all thanks to him, to the mother who accompanied him all this time, the perseverance, the continuity, the work, the discipline. It is something very nice and I am proud that he takes football as seriously as he has always taken it. We know that football is about ups and downs and in the end you have to know that football is about discipline and when you are at the top you have to stay the same.

The father of 'Chaquito' pointed out the positive aspects and strengths of his son Credit: TVC Deportes

Hand in hand, the former national team recognized the mentality and desire to transcend that 'Chaquito' always had, as he maintained his dream and conviction of emigrating to the old continent, thus leaving his comfort zone in Mexico.

I trust my son, but we always give thanks for everything he does on the weekends (with Feyenoord), for everything that is being offered to him, for everything that is developing, because it was not easy at all to leave his country, to leave from the team of his loves and then reach another team with another culture. I insist that everything is his credit, he is strong and knows what he wants.

'Chaco' championed the mentality and strength of Santi Giménez at Feyenoord Credit: TVC Deportes

It should be remembered that currently, Gimenez He is considered one of the best players in the Eredivisie and after eight days played, he has registered 12 goals, being the current scoring leader and already being monitored by different teams of Europe.

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