Chabelo celebrates Children’s Day at his 87 years in Caras


Mexico.- With just turned 87, he posed on the cover of Caras digital on the occasion of Children’s Day.

Even without neglecting that Xavier López will always be remembered as Chabelo, he gave an interview for the magazine in its national edition, because Children’s Day.

However, the photo session they did to Chabelo was highly criticized by René Franco, as he suggested saying “I would have photoshopped the wrinkles on his arms.”

And “with an endearing interview”, Chabelo revealed what he thinks about memes where they say ‘immortal’.

Chabelo at 87 years old on the cover of Caras for Children’s Day

Chabelo starred in the cover of Caras México digital on the occasion of Children’s Day, and although Xavier López was interviewed and not his character, he was happy on top of a swing.

Although Chabelo becomes a trend every time someone dies, alluding to the fact that he is immortal, the actor and driver stays away from social networks.

However, this Children’s Day, which will soon be celebrated this Saturday, April 30, Chabelo reappeared not only on social networks, but also on the cover of Caras.

Chabelo stays away from public opinion, although even workers accuse him of mistreatment, he only appears at special and precise moments.

Now, he not only got on the swing that he has in the garden of his house, but also talked about the memes in which he is called immortal.

The death of Vicente Fernández and Carmen Salinas left in their wake the reappearance of Chabelo in Twitter trends, with a great wave of memes around him.

But what do you think of it?

Chabelo was grateful because they call him immortal, although he said “I don’t think it’s possible.”

Xavier López 'Chabelo', driver.


Likewise, Chabelo positioned himself directly on the memes they make about him, saying:

“I really enjoy it and I applaud the ingenuity of those who make them.”

Xavier López ‘Chabelo’, driver.

Given this, in ‘La Taquilla’ they mentioned that surely they had not taught Chabelo all the memes, since they consider that it is not pleasant to say “when is he going to die?”

René Franco claims Caras for not retouching photos of Chabelo

René Franco in his program ‘La Taquilla’ mentioned the cover that Caras gave Chabelo for Children’s Day, however, he did not hesitate to criticize it.

Rene Franco, announcer.


Mentioning that magazines are always exposed to being criticized for what they share, René Franco questioned why they didn’t photoshop their arms.

The announcer said that it was a photo session that “is not taken care of”, as he said that in his opinion “they should have photoshopped his wrinkles on his arms”.

Mentioning that Chabelo is an icon that could have collapsed with the image they used on the cover of Caras, he continued:

“The watch is inappropriate, the bracelets are crooked, the photo is poorly taken care of, Chabelo is disheveled, honestly it is not a lucky photo.”

René Franco, The Box Office.

The cover that Chabelo obtained in Caras has not yet been shared by the driver, his last appearance was on Twitter on February 17, on the occasion of his birthday.

Caras raises suspicions because he presented the same content as Chabelo in 2015

Although Caras presented this April 27, 2022 the cover of Chabelo on the occasion of Children’s Day, in 2015 he showed a video of the driver with the same outfit.

The video named “Chabelo opened the doors of his house for us!” It was shared on February 17, 2015, when the driver turned 80 years old.

This is available on the YouTube channel of ‘CARAS México’, in which Chabelo is fun and fearful playing on a swing in the garden of his house.

It should be noted that the video shows Chabelo with the same outfit and on the same stage in which Caras presented him for his 2022 cover for Children’s Day.

Xavier López 'Chabelo' for Faces.  2022/2015


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