César Duarte’s hearing resumes; Prosecutor will seek pre-trial detention


This Saturday morning the indictment hearing against the former governor of chihuahua, Cesar Duarteafter being suspended last night by the Control Judge.

Duarte Jáquez is pointed out by the crime of aggravated embezzlement and aggravated criminal association within criminal case 3041/2019.

The prosecutor of Chihuahua, Roberto Fierro, will seek that preventive detention be imposed as a precautionary measure, due to the risk of flight that the former governor represents.

Duarte Jáquez was extradited to Mexico by the United States last Thursday, to be tried in the territorial entity that he governed for embezzlement and criminal association, when he was accused of “carrying out actions that resulted in the diversion of public resources in the amount of more than 96 million pesos (about 4.9 million dollars), extracted between 2011 and 2014”, in collusion with various public servants and other characters.

Duarte was arrested in the United States in July 2020, after escaping from Mexican justice since an arrest warrant was issued in October 2019.


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