Celine Dion's sister talks about the singer's illness

Singer Celine Dion performs onstage during the 2015 American Music Awards

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Star singer Celine Dion was forced to cancel up to eight concerts from her tour late last year after being diagnosed with a rare illness.

This disease causes muscle spasms, as well as the deterioration of the muscles and vocal cords, which prevents him from getting on stage.

The disease is known as: Stiff Person Syndromewhich affects one in a million people, and the Canadian was detected.

"Although we are still learning about this rare disease, we now know what has been causing all the spasms I've been having," Dion revealed in the past.

But then no more has been known about the Canadian artist and about her state of health, especially.

Claudette, Celine's sister, recently spoke with "Le Journal de Montreal" about the singer's state of health.

The sister of the Canadian interpreter assured that she does not lose faith in seeing her sister on the big stages again.

Currently, the artist is in her residence in Denver, Colorado, and is surrounded by specialist doctors who "will help her overcome her illness."

The fight against her health has not been something new for Celine, her sister revealed that “He started when he was 12 years old, he really didn't even have adolescence.

Claudette commented that she has not seen her sister for two years after the artist decided to isolate herself from the challenge of the world.

“I trust that life will give you back what you gave. Because she is an extremely smart girl, very generous and talented. And she is in love with life, so is she ”, she has assured, demonstrating the affection that she processes for him.

The sister announced how a concert has been organized in her tribute, to take place at the Casino de Montreal and that it will be on March 30, this on the occasion of her 55th birthday.

Finally, the sister did not want to say goodbye to said interview without criticizing the controversial list of the 200 best singers of Rolling Stone magazine, where the Canadian did not appear. “It does not make any sense. I don't think this list deserves any praise," the sister revealed.

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