Celia Lora opens her red Playboy robe to show a risky neckline without a bra

Celia Lora She is an expert in attracting attention and monopolizing all eyes within her official Instagram account, where she continually shares sensual photos with very little clothing. This is the case of one of his most recent publications, since he posed only with a robe and completely forgot about underwear.

On this occasion, the Mexican model who began her career posing for Playboy magazine won thousands of reactions with a daring snapshot in which she was seen next to a game table. And although in most of the publications she appears with daring lace lingerie and transparencies, this time was no exception since wore only a revealing red robe with the logo of the famous bunny, with which he surely drove more than one crazy.

In the publication that is about to reach 45 thousand red hearts, Lora raised the temperature thanks to the sensuality that she squandered, revealing her cleavage, in which, by the way, she omitted the use of underwear.

Despite being a recent image, this is not the first time that the controversial ex-participant of the reality show Telemundo’s ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ uses the same garment, because weeks before the model, who has also been recognized for being the daughter of rocker Alex Lora, showed off her body in another daring snapshot with which she earned the recognition of more than 46 thousand users who rated the image with a like.

Luckily for her fans, the rain of daring publications does not stop, as she also shared another photo in which she appeared posing on the table while exhibiting part of her voluptuous charms in a tight green latex bodysuit.

Other angles of her exuberant physique were shown on previous occasions, in which she appeared modeling exotic outfits that revealed her exuberant charms to show that she is one of the favorite celebrities within this social network in which she has already managed to conquer the hearts of more than 10 million users. To show the following images with which he delighted the most demanding.

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