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Let the mariachi sound, the celebration of the WTA GDL Open Akron is being a triumph, an event that greatly exalts our country before the world, and in particular Guadalajara, Jalisco, and all the great tennis fans that She has been generous with the players, and, above all, she has proven to be very knowledgeable.

I had the pleasure of talking at length, before and during the program Word of Sport, which has been transmitted for 23 years now through Radio Image and now also through Multicast Imagewith the beloved and admired José Luis Clercthe great Sweet potatoas it is known in the tennis world. Clercwho back in the 80s reached number four in the world, is now an extraordinary commentator, because with his sharp and knowledgeable comments, he delights the fans who manage to get fully involved in the games and who vibrate with his classic shout. …How cute!

We talk about so many topics, but, above all, his concern is Mexican tennis, the lack of production of players who can reach the first places in the ATP, in the case of men, and in the WTA, in the case of women. . He pointed out to me that the ability to organize tournaments is incredible, the fans, too, and he questioned what it would be like if we had tennis players in the first places in the world, it would be crazy, and I honestly agreed, that would be it, crazy, a wonderful reason for celebration. .

The organization of such success and quality deserves our most sincere congratulations because the Gustavo Santoscoyfather and son, have led a team of hundreds of people who make the event a resounding triumph, an event of international stature, one of those that exalts in every way a country, like ours, in need of good news and successes with international echo, and the tournament is a resounding home run.

Despite the cancellation of several of the best rackets on the planet such as Aryna Sabalenka, Iga Swiatek, Coco Gauff and Jessica Pegulaamong others, the fans have not stopped supporting them to the fullest, the entries have exceeded the expectations of the organizers and the WTA itself, the association of professional tennis players, no less than on the Sunday that the tournament began, more than ten thousand fans, yesterday eight thousand, and for this day and Saturday, the date of the grand final, again more than ten thousand attendees are expected per day, a total success.

I insist, let the mariachi sound, to feel very proud, and to celebrate the completion of a super tournament, and, by the way, the Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix is ​​coming.

It's worth celebrating.

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