Celebrating 115 years of life and joy in Colima [node:title]

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Don Elías Chávez Álvarez is the oldest man in Colima, and possibly one of the oldest men in Mexico. He was born two years before the start of the Mexican Revolution, and this Wednesday, October 8, he turned 115 years old.

With mariachi music, cake and gifts, administrators and inhabitants of the Asilo Manzanillo, located in the port of the State of Colima, celebrated Don Elías, a country man who has lived in two different centuries.

Those who live with Don Elías describe him as a happy man. Somewhat introverted but a good person. “The man is very calm, in fact I turn around and everything, but he is always quiet, I have never seen him fight or do anything bad,” said Guadalupe, one of Don Elías' companions at the Manzanillo Asylum.

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He is 115 years old but Don Elías has been characterized by being cheerful, although he is somewhat reserved with his other companions, that does not prevent him from doing what he likes most: “He really likes to sing, suddenly he starts singing there lying on the ground. his bed, he sings songs like from his time,” says Guadalupe Huerta, one of the caretakers at the asylum.

Having witnessed several historical events such as the Mexican Revolution, left a rebellious spirit in Don Elías, although he is very calm at times, one must be very attentive to the oldest man in Colima.

“He hasn't caused us any problems here, only on one occasion he escaped. He left, he said why was he here, why did he not do anything,” recalls María del Rosario Iglesias, president of the Manzanillo Asylum Board of Trustees.

The music and celebration lasted for hours, with tacos al pastor on the menu. The joy of the moment made people forget the ailments of age, and made more than a few of those residing in the asylum start dancing.

Don Elías arrived at the Manzanillo Asylum nine years ago. He was taken by the Colima government since he has no immediate family. It is unknown if he has been married or has children. Adapted to the routine, Don Elías gets up very early, tours the asylum, eats and rests in the afternoon. This day was very different, since 115 years are not always celebrated.

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