Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Minecraft


Minecraft it is one of the platforms that we encourage our children to play with because they can explore, learn and collaborate with other friends. We took the opportunity to show real Hispanic heroes using one of the most popular games in the world, and that my children love to play, thus reaching a new generation of leaders.

I am pleased to announce that the Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) has partnered withminecraft education to create LatinExplorers; The new learning experience of Minecraft! We turn Latino/a leaders into characters from Minecraft to inspire, guide and equip young people, thus turning them into agents of change.

In the dynamic, the players meet ordinary people who do extraordinary things in favor of the climate, community services and the arts, who also, with their effort and commitment, inspire a new generation of leaders:

  • The Dr. Eligio Garcia Serrano, works to preserve the Monarch butterfly and raise awareness of climate change. In the framework of the celebration of the Day of the Dead in Michoacán, Mexico and the creation of a floral offering, you will be able to follow Dr. Serrano exploring the Biosphere and the Monarch butterfly, learning about its importance for the local culture and what actions are being carried out cape to preserve them.
  • The Dr. Pedro José Greer He is a doctor who helps homeless people, demonstrating his love for others and his humanitarian commitment. In the recreation of a city recently hit by a hurricane, players will have the opportunity to execute, together with Dr. Greer, an emergency plan that includes the construction of a temporary shelter, as well as coordinating the delivery of supplies that meet the basic needs of community.
  • Yehimi Cambron is a mural artist and activist, focused on social justice, through creativity. Yehimi will integrate art as a learning tool during the game. Go through all the available activities with her that will allow you to explore your feelings, using your voice to creatively express what really matters.

I have always said that you can make everything you imagine come true, and now we have; LatinExplorers: a journey through Hispanic heritage.

Students and players will explore, through impactful actions by Latino/a leaders, the narrative around climate, community, and creativity (yes, the 3Cs!). Then, they will take what they have learned to the outside world, developing leadership skills and solving current problems in bold and innovative ways. What our real world desperately needs!

The game will also serve as a platform to share our Hispanic culture with the entire world, with the purpose of creating a more understanding, collaborative and unified global community that supports diversity, identity and inclusion.

Creating agents of change in the home and classroom

But there is more…

To help you lead learning in the classroom, LatinExplorers comes with an educator’s guide that Includes: additional workforce development activities; a slide platform; a family toolkit to make sure everyone can participate; and a guide for facilitators. Young students will also walk the path to the technological field!

Here you will find everything you need to teach with LatinExplorers.

LatinExplorers is the first Latino-themed game brought to you by Minecraft and will be offered FREE to educators, students, and families in both Minecraft: Education Edition like in bedrock. Available at the start of Hispanic Heritage Month in 29 languages.

Here you will learn more about how to configure Minecraft for your classroom. Download a free demo to start exploring the world of LatinExplorers if you don’t already have a license.

If your students, friends or family (or you!) play the version bedrock of Minecraft at home, access the free world of LatinExplorers in minecraft marketplace.

Now let’s get ready to play, lead, create, learn and build a better world inside and outside! Minecraft!

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Preview YouTube video LatinExplorers – Official Minecraft Trailer

LatinExplorers – Official Minecraft Trailer

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