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In Venezuela, the first meeting of science and technology authorities of the countries of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac) concluded on Tuesday, which among other things agreed to submit to the heads of state the creation of a technological scientific research center.


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With this forum, the science and technology authorities of Celac seek a common agenda for the scientific and technological development of the region with Latin American and Caribbean codes that allow them to contribute their knowledge to humanity.

Seven work tables were developed. One of the topics discussed had to do with agrifood sovereignty.

Mexico put its experience and policies of zero agrochemicals and transgenic seeds on the table, a battle that it launched against companies like Monsanto and aims at the health of the countryside and guaranteeing food without chemicals.

The deputy director of Technological Development, Linkage and Innovation of Mexico, Delia Orozco, declared that “we have to transition to the production of healthy food, clean food, which allows us to contribute to what we call one health. Comprehensive health where what we eat is free of toxic elements”.

On the subject of health, Cuba presented its research and advances in medicine and how to exchange knowledge in the midst of difficulties and the illegal blockade of the United States. The creation of knowledge networks was one of the proposals.

The Minister of Science, Technology and the Environment of Cuba, Elba Rosa Pérez, added that "we talked about how to use the capacities of our research, the capacities of the universities and put them in function of the networks advancing."

In addition, he informed that Cuba considers it a priority that all the issues addressed must consider the approach of the impact of Climate Change, from science and innovation.

He recalled that there are three global crises in the world: climate, biodiversity and pollution. “With these three crises, the people who live on the planet are also affected, and we have to deal with climate change to deal with the others,” she said.

The document resulting from this first meeting will be submitted to a CELAC technical commission to organize how the scientific and technological research center will work that the heads of state and government, at the 2025 summit, must define for the common agenda.

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