CDMX: Should López-Gatell stay home?

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The doctor Hugo López-Gatellwho had the responsibility of leading the response to the covid-19 pandemic, affirms that he has a clear conscience, he does not feel persecuted and he is not afraid of justice being done when asked about the accusations against him, for the excess of deaths from the SARS-CoV-2 virus that our country registered.

I have been besieged by hate speech generated by right-wing groups for three years, he replies López-Gatell during the press conference he gave yesterday to announce his record of participation in the selection of the coordinator of the 4T defense committees in the country's capital. The former official clarifies that his decision to participate in this internal process is not to escape, protect himself or have constitutional immunity (against any criminal lawsuit that he could face once the six-year term ends), but to put his technical capabilities at the service of the capital's population. .

True to his style, he assures that no one controls him, and that it was he who took his proposal to participate in this internal process of Morena to the party leadership. The truth is that he does have someone to command him and he is the president Lopez Obradorwho gave him his endorsement and who is the only one, of all the members of his cabinet, who has defended him so far.

I had already said it before. TO Hugo López-Gatell There is no way to defend it. The worst enemy of the now former Undersecretary of Health is himself. And one of his problems is his questionable handling of the pandemic. He says he didn't fight with Claudia Sheinbaum and her health team, but the truth is that the former head of Government took other measures to protect the residents of the capital from the SARS CoV-2 virus.

TO Lopez-GatelHe was more interested in politics than his role as a doctor and researcher. The use of face masks, rapid tests to detect the virus and “stay at home” were never mandatory guidelines endorsed and followed by him. It is also true that part of the smear campaign that he has had is promoted by very powerful industries, such as soft drinks, food and tobacco, to which the former official introduced important regulations. Achievements that he overshadowed during the pandemic.

The problem is that he became a bad copy of the President of Mexico and left aside the scientist within him. He leaves the presidential cabinet with the promise that he will have a position in the next six-year term, which contradicts what he many times said during the evening conferences to report on the covid-19 situation, “I do not come to seek political positions.” . “I am a doctor and my work is about that.”

He leaves with more enemies than friends. Although among the Morena candidates who will participate in this selection process for the Head of Government, doctor Hugo López-Gatell It is the best known by people, we will have to see how much this helps or harms it. There are sectors that do not predict success for him and recommend what he himself asked the population at the time, during the highest point of the pandemic, “stay at home.” We'll see what happens!


And changes in the federal Health Cabinet continue to occur. After the resignation of López-Gatellwho served as director of the National Center for Preventive Programs and Disease Control (Cenaprece), Ruy López Ridaura, will be the new Undersecretary of Health. Both have been friends since they studied at the Madrid School and later at the Faculty of Medicine, UNAM. Unlike López-Gatell, Ridaura It is less radical and more open to dialogue. In both the academic and business sectors he is respected and has extensive experience as a public health researcher. He was key, as he expressed it Olivia Perez ArellanoSecretary of Health of CDMX, to collaborate closely on the health of the capital's residents, especially during the covid-19 pandemic.


After deciding who will be Morena's candidate in CDMX, where they compete Hugo López-Gatell, Clara Brugada, Omar García Harfuch and Miguel Torruco, the turn of the mayors will come. Many say that it is time for Coyoacán, with Raul Aviles Allende. In 2021 it was very close and now we just need to see if the leading team competes, Claudia Sheinbaumnational coordinator of the 4T Defense Committees, has another mission.

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