CDMX Police infract an alleged official who wanted to cheat

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A Mexico City (CDMX) police have been applauded for their upright way of acting after violation of an alleged public official who wanted to 'charolear' to avoid the fine.

Was the officer Erick Vero, from the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC), who appears in a video circulating on social networks violating an alleged worker of the CDMX Attorney General's Office.

In the images, the CDMX police ask the driver of a motorcycle to get off the vehicle to proceed with the violationsince it apparently violated the Traffic Regulations current in the country's capital.

You bring cable and you come circulating between lanes […] When I meet with you, I ask you for a license and a card and you show me a credential from the Prosecutor's Office and later you show me another government logo, you can't do that because you are a public servant. “At the time of showing and bragging that is abuse of authority,” the officer is heard saying.

Meanwhile, the man claims that he is not a traffic officer Therefore, he does not have the authority to arrest him, to which the police officer replies that, in fact, he cannot give him a ticket, but he can make him available to authorized agents.

Reactions by CDMX police who violate an official

The video that circulates on networks and lasts just over two minutes has more than nine thousand views and various comments, the majority supporting and applauding the action of the CDMX police who acted uprightly and without being corrupted.

Between the opinions it reads:

  • More police officers like this, upright, transparent and with knowledge of the regulations, I hope their work is recognized.
  • Good for the policeman. But what did the person who uploaded the video expect, he was more skewered than a skewer.
  • Wow, one among thousands.
  • I would even gladly get off the motorcycle and pay the fine. And bow to him for the master class of an excellent element.
  • That's how it works.

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