CDMX is better than Seattle or Las Vegas for an NBA team: Juan Toscano-Anderson | Video

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The Mexican Juan Toscano-AndersonNBA champion with Golden State Warriorsstated this Monday that Mexico City is a better place to host a franchise that American cities Seattle or Las Vegas in the event of an expansion of the professional basketball league in that country.

I want Orlando and Atlanta to put on a real show here, because if the NBA players and people feel the screams and the great atmosphere of the Mexicans, they will think that they can bring a franchise to this city, better than in Seattle or Las Vegas.

The statements of Toscano-Anderson They occur in the run-up to the season match that they will play this Thursday Orlando Magic and Atlanta Hawks in the Mexico City Arena.

Tuscanywho will play starting this season with The Captains of Mexico City of the G-League (NBA development league in this country), stressed his intention to become an eambassador to help convince the NBA to have a franchise in this city.

Everyone thinks that Mexico is dangerous and that it does not have the means to have a basketball team. My job is to be an ambassador that modifies that perception, I want to change the idea that everyone has of Mexico.

Since 1992, NBA teams have divided their visits to this country with games in Monterrey and CDMXthanks to which the This league's fan base is the largest outside the United States. as Toscano said.

We cannot lose sight of the fact that this is a business that the NBA wants to grow and when it comes to Mexico it is an opportunity for that growth because they have 30 million fans here, that is not easy, practically no NBA team has that support , maybe the Lakers there. I want everyone to see that opportunity.

The 30-year-old player who jumped into paid basketball with the Soles de Mexicali of the National Professional Basketball League of this country shared his desire for Mexican children to dream, but Don't get obsessed with getting to the NBA.

Of course I want them to dream, but I want them to know that not everyone is going to be Stephen Curry or LeBron James, but they can be a Juan Toscano. It is very difficult to be a star in the NBA, they play at a level that is out of this world; I felt that pressure, that's why I want to tell the children to first enjoy this game and then embrace whatever comes.

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