CDMX government delivers more than 8 thousand “My Scholarship to Start” cards in Tlalpan and Coyoacán

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The Head of Government, Martí Batres, delivered 8,909 cards to beneficiaries of the "Wellness for Girls and Boys, My Scholarship to Start" Program of the Tlalpan and Coyoacán Mayor's Offices, who also join "La Escuela Es Nuestra - Mejor Escuela", "Va Segur@".

The beneficiaries will receive a total of 2,170 pesos for the delivery of support from the "Uniforms and School Supplies" Program and two deposits of the universal scholarship.

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They will be deposited 600 pesos for September, 600 pesos for October, and 970 pesos for supplies and uniforms; "That means that they will have, at the beginning of next week, a deposit of 2,170 pesos"explained Martí Bares, from Deportivo Vivanco, of the Tlalpan Mayor's Office, where 5,056 cards were awarded.

What distinguishes these supports are universalso all children and young people who are enrolled in a basic education school in the capital will have access to the benefits, Batres highlighted.

On a second day, in the Huayamilpas Ecological Park, located in the Coyoacán Mayor's Office, 3,853 cards were delivered.

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At the event, which was attended by the Secretary of Urban Development and Housing, Carlos Alberto Ulloa Pérez; the secretary of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Ofelia Angulo Guerrero, The Head of Government assured that these actions are part of a vision of the local and Federal governments, which ensures the well-being of citizens from childhood to old age.

Girls and boys newly entering preschool education, will have the benefits of educational programs of the Government of Mexico City, for the next 12 yearsuntil they complete secondary education, said Batres Guadarrama.

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