CDMX, between serial dog killer and gang that transported fetus for satanic ritual

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A puppy was rescued in a home in the Benito Juárez mayor's office (SSC-CDMX)
A puppy was rescued in a home in the Benito Juárez mayor's office (SSC-CDMX)

In recent days, the presence of a serial dog killer operating in the vicinity of the Nativitas Forest, Xochimilco mayor's office, so far 19 lomitos are counted among its victims; but it was not the only case that involved animal abuse in CDMXsince capital police managed to arrest three subjects who were transporting drugs, animals and a fetus allegedly to be used in satanic rituals.

The skin of the puppies found in Nativitas had been removed, their organs were removed and the last of them, found on November 15, had a leg torn off.

In this case, the head of Government of the CDMXMartí Batrés, reported that an investigation has already been initiated against whoever or whoever is responsible for the violence and cruelty exercised against the puppieswhich he said could be projected against other living beings, including people.

The case has caused outrage among anti-government activists. animal abuse and among the neighbors themselves who considered that the serial killer of puppies It could well later attack children, women or the elderly that it considers “defenseless,” highlighted environmentalist Aídorin Ramírez.

Regular visitors to the Nativitas Forest They indicated that most of the dogs found had no traces of blood, so they believe that someone could have gone to dump them there; They also stressed that they have found black bags with decapitated birds in the area, which makes them think of possible acts of santeria.


We barely recovered from the serial killer of puppies Nativites when police intelligence agents CDMX They arrested three subjects who were transporting several doses of drugs, various abused animals and a human fetus in their car.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the band of santeros arrested in the streets of the mayor's office Azcapotzalco is dedicated to making satanic ritessince they seized four dogs, four cats, six birds and the body of a fetus inside a glass jar.

A recording circulated on social networks that captured how an employee of the dog hotel "dogtime" He hit and tried to suffocate a young man (Capture Twitter/X)
A recording circulated on social networks that captured how an employee of the "Dogtime" dog hotel hit and tried to suffocate a lomito (Twitter Capture/X)

It is not the first time that a network of santeros has been dismantled in the CDMXa couple of years ago agents of the Prosecutor's Office capital they found human remains, a fetus, firearms and several altars to perform alleged satanic rites in a house in the Gustavo A. Madero mayor's office.

Although a more recent case was recorded last April in the mayor's office Coyoacan How many personnel from the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) managed to rescue 60 abused dogs that were supposedly going to be sacrificed for a ritual.

On that occasion the authorities detained three people, a father and his two children, although it was not specified how they came to the conclusion that the dogs would be sacrificed in satanic rites; They were only reported to be in overcrowded conditions.

So far and while the investigation by the capital authorities progresses, it has not been determined whether both cases would be connected, nor are there more groups dedicated to similar activities.

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