Cazzu twerks Christian Nodal and reveals his thong at the Wisin y Yandel concert


Cazzu, Argentine singer of urban genre.

Photo: Victor Chavez. /Getty Images

The Argentine singer Cazzu Y Christian Nodal They continue in the honeys of love. The exponent of trap She screwed her new boyfriend with a little white dress, which highlighted all her curves and her thong that she left on view while they were enjoying the Wisin y Yandel concert in Guatemala. Without a doubt, this relationship is going from strength to strength.

While the rumor of a possible romance between Belinda and the Hollywood actor, Jared Leto, keep increasing, Cazzu and Christian Nodal They show that they ignore everything that happens with the Ibero-Mexican interpreter. So very removed from the penalty, they let themselves be seen while the Argentine He “twerked” him and did a sensual dance with a white mini dress and the half-seeing thong to one of the maximum exponents of the regional mexican nowadays.

We all know that thunder with Belinda it is very recent. This is the reason why many are skeptical of a possible relationship between Cazzu and Christian Nodal. They have even pointed out that it could be advertising. However, Images of the cute couple at the Wisin and Yandel concert show that they are at their best and having a great time.

Everything was said when Belinda and Christian Nodal announced their separation. She has been accused of being “interested” and “living in” and he has been accused of being ungentlemanly and even of having a lousy character. This as for the fans of both artists. However, they themselves seem to have turned the page and continue their lives enjoy themselves in the best possible way. “Beli” went to the country of her birth, Spain, and Nodal is on tour and hand in hand with her new relationship, Cazzu.

Same that generated controversy a few days ago when talking about Anuel AA. She gave an interview to the Puerto Rican Mollusk and said how La Isla del Encanto opened its doors for him, the empathy he feels with Puerto Rico and how he sees the work of the greatest exponent of trap and former Carol G.

In the same, Cazzu he said he doesn’t have the amount of money he has Anuel AA. He assured that sometimes and when you don’t have the talent, if you have money, you can still have a good result. But that in the case of Yailin La Más Viral’s husband, you have both. For now, we leave you the latest success of Cazzu with MarĂ­a Becerra called called “Maleficent”.

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