Cazzu debuts jewelry in her teeth and fans say: “I wish I hadn’t asked Christian Nodal”


Cazzu, Argentine urban singer and girlfriend of Christian Nodal.

Photo: Jason Koerner. /Getty Images

The Argentine singer Cazzu It is one of the favorites within the urban genre not only for its music but also for how irreverent it is with what it uses. Right now he is in the eye of the hurricane since showed off the new jewelry on her teeth: bright ones. However, we already know the fans of her boyfriend Christian Nodal and some of his haters also, who wrote on Instagram: “I hope he doesn’t ask for the teeth because Nodal sells you a stop.”

With a look as a schoolgirl, the interpreter of “Nena Trampa” smiled and took a photo very close to his teeth. Two diamonds decorated her mouth. Among the many comments that were on social networks, in addition to those who said that Cazzu they looked beautiful, they stood out strong criticism referring to her boyfriend Christian Nodal. Let us remember that the singer of regional mexican He published some screenshots in which his ex Belinda asked him for money to get work done on his teeth and for his parents. Of course this was the point to make fun and comments that brought up the singer’s ex, Belinda.

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But not only Cazzu stood out on Instagram. His boyfriend Christian Nodal also did it and it did not look very good. The singer was in a crowded place when several people present recorded the moment in which the interpreter of “We are no longer, nor will we be” was taken out by his work team, apparently in a drunken state. Of course they called him “Drunk” on the networks and even said: “They missed the drinks” and that “It doesn’t beat Belinda.”

just the day before Cazzu and Nodal I send him a romantic message on Instagram saying that I already wanted to be by his side at home. This also suggests that the couple is already living together under the same roof. Even so, the agendas of both are filled and this means that they must frequently distance themselves.

Until the moment of the closing of this note, Christian Nodal had not made any comment on the images where he is seen in an apparent state of intoxication. Cazzu has not commented on the matter either. But the thousands of followers, fans and haters of both did. Of course the Belinda theme remained in the forefront. This she has not made any comment or hint on social networks. Let us remember that for several months, the interpreter of “Sapito” has been living in Spain.

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