Cazzu and Christian Nodal waste love at the Person of the Year gala

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Christian Nodal and cazzu have become one of the couples favorites in the middle, since from 2022 when they were seen for the first time until they have confirmed their love with various displays of affection in public and with the arrival of his daughter Intiwho was born on September 14.

On this occasion, the couple was seen in the Red carpet of the gala Person of the Year of the Latin Grammy 2023where multiple guests attended, including the Mexican singer and the Argentine rapper, but also Danna Paola, Laura Pausini, Angela Aguilar, Anitta, Mon Laferte and many others.

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Christian Nodal and Cazzu turn heads and exude sensuality on the red carpet

Tonight, cazzu It became a trend in X because flawless that she wore during the red carpet, but not only for that, but also for the happiness that radiates next to his partner, the interpreter of "Of the kisses that I gave you", who according to the videos spread on social networks, he behaved like a complete gentleman.

In one of the clips you can see how both are about to pose for photos, but he realizes that the dress Cazzu is disheveled and bends down to accommodate him, which touched his fanswho pointed out that the singer tries to get the Argentine woman to look perfect.

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In other videos you can see the couple walking together all the time and of the handbut also, they exchange looks of love which can only be seen between a pair of loverson this occasion, two celebrities who do not hesitate to demonstrate how much they love each other either alone or with people around them.

This is how the fans of the iconic couple said on several occasions that maternity suits her quite well "Trap Babe"because he wore a tight red dress that showed off her perfect figure and that combined very well with her lblack hair arga. For his part, Christian Nodal used a golden suit which also matched the outfit of his daughter's mother.


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