Castration for sexual rapists in Peru


The Peruvian government proposed on Saturday to apply chemical castration to sexual rapists after the outrage on Tuesday of a three-year-old girl that shocked the country during the start of Holy Week.

President Pedro Castillo said in a statement that chemical castration “is an option, we cannot wait any longer” and indicated that the country must adopt “more severe public policies that safeguard the human rights of the most defenseless, our children and girls».

“Crimes of sexual violence against children will not be tolerated by this government, nor will they go unpunished. The pain of this family is also ours,” said the president.

The government indicated that its chemical castration proposal would be for all rapists of minors, adolescents and women, “as is already done in other countries of the world.”

He indicated that the feasibility of this measure must be included in the Penal Code and that the approval of Congress will be needed for its legality, “as has already been done in countries such as Russia, the United States (seven states), Poland, South Korea South, Indonesia and Moldova, where it is already applied”.

He recalled that “chemical castration consists of administering drugs that reduce libido and inhibit sexual desire. It is applied as a method of prevention against sexual assault, and also as a punishment for those who commit crimes of this nature.

The kidnapping, followed by rape of a three-year-old girl occurred on Tuesday in Chiclayo, a coastal city in northern Peru. Police caught the rapist on Wednesday and later found the little girl tied up with packing tape in a house where she was being held.

On Thursday, hundreds protested in the streets of Lima and Chiclayo asking to sanction the accused, a 48-year-old man. Under a new 2018 law, rapists of children under the age of 14 receive life in prison.

In 2021, some 1,700 girls between the ages of 12 and 17 became mothers, according to the Online Live Birth Certificate Registration System. 75% of cases of children under 15 years of age were rapes and in the case of children under 14 years of age, almost 100% were sexual assaults.

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