Carriers in Brazil demand a reduction in fuel prices | News

The Brazilian Association of Motor Vehicle Drivers (Abrava) filed a lawsuit on Monday before the Federal District of the country, demanding the suspension of the policy of excessive prices in the value of fuel of the state oil company Petrobras.


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According to the Association, the largest oil company Petrobras announced an 18.8 percent increase in gasoline rates, 25 percent in diesel, as well as an increase of 16.1 percentage points in liquefied gas. of the oil.

Given the established taxes, Abrava specified that the Brazilian people pay more than 105 dollars per barrel of oil after the increase in prices; On the other hand, the production cost of the oil company does not exceed 20 dollars.

“Petrobras obtained a record net profit of 19,875 million dollars in 2021, the highest in its history, thanks to the increase in crude oil prices and the increase in fuel sales,” Abrava denounced.

Likewise, to the Brazilian Association, it indicated that the increase in fuel, as well as the impact on the inflation rate, was registered before the start of the special military operation in Ukraine; since the Central Bank of Brazil established an increase in interest rates to 10.75 percent.

“We are not against Petrobras making a profit, what we do not accept is that it makes a profit of 1,400 percent to the detriment of the suffering of Brazilians and especially of those who work with transportation,” Abrava pointed out.