Carrier blockades in CDMX, today October 3 | LIVE

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“An unjustified blockade”: Martí Batres

In a press conference, the head of the CDMX Government, Martí Batres, pointed out that transporters cannot use the units to block roads, and assured that the action was totally unjustified.

There can be no blockages"Even less can transport units be used to block roads," he declared.

The Head of Government of Mexico City, Martí Batres. Photo: Twitter, @martibatres

For his part, the head of Semovi, Andres Lajoussaid that the transporters have an appointment scheduled with the capital government and have not attended.

“It was a blockade that had no justification,” he agreed.

Additionally, he announced that three public transportation units from the State of Mexico were withdrawn, which were taken to the corralón.

Transporters free Calzada de Tlalpan and de las Bombas

At 11:23 a.m., the Road Orientation Center reported the release and restoration of traffic on Calzada de Tlalpan, near Héroes del 47.

The same thing happened in both directions of Eje Oriente, in Calzada de las Bombas. Elements of the SSC still remain at the site.

Semovi blames Route 84 for blockages

Through a statement, Semovi assured that the blockades were organized by a minority group of transporters on Route 84. They said that the dispute lies in the fact that they were not chosen by the majority to preside over the administrative council.

“It is worth mentioning that this difference is between the majority of dealers already established as a company and those who have not yet joined,” the document reads.

In addition, they pointed out that the presence of transporters from the State of Mexico is not justified because it has no influence in the creation of the corridor. “Buses Barrios Culhuacán SA de CV”which they described as legal.

Metrobús Line 5 restores service

In the presence of the protesters, Metrobús presented interruptions in the service on Line 5 (Río de los Remedios- Preparatoria 1).

However, at the point of 11:00 a.m. They reported the restoration in all stations.

Metrobus line 5. (Photo: Archive)
Metrobus line 5. (Photo: Archive)

Frictions between police and transporters are reported

In Axis 3 East and Bomba Causeway Tempers rose in tone and the first attempt at confrontation was reported between the transporters and some uniformed officers, who are trying to prevent the protesters from entering Metro Taxqueña.

For its part, in Zaragoza and Periférico there was another attempt at confrontation. As reported TV Azteca, The friction began after metropolitan police tried to take away with a crane one of the units with which the road was closed.

Transporters head to the Zócalo

According to Road Guidance Center, the protesters head towards the capital's Zócalo. One of the groups marches on the road Saint Anthony Abbotat the height of Taller Avenue.

Police arrest protesters

To prevent the closure of the road, more than 100 SSC elements were deployed on the Ignacio Zaragoza road to encapsulate the protesters.

The mobilization at this point extends to the Santa Martha Acatitla Metro station.

According to the capital authorities, traffic in the center lanes at the Canal de San Juan al Poniente remains affected.

As road alternative It is suggested to use Pantitlán Avenue, Ermita Iztapalapa Road and Chimalhuacán Avenue.

Elements of the SSC were deployed at all the transporters' meeting points. (Photo: X @OVIALCDMX)
Elements of the SSC were deployed at all the transporters' meeting points. (Photo: X @OVIALCDMX)

Tlalpan, blocked

Transporters block circulation on the road Tlalpan to the South on par with Heroes of '47.

As a road alternative, Cerro de las Torres and División del Norte are recommended.

Authorities establish dialogue with transporters

The Government Secretariat of Mexico City reported the presence of representatives of the agency on Calzada Ignacio Zaragoza and Periférico to establish a dialogue with the transporters.

Transporters began the blockade at 09:00 (Photo: @SeGobCDMX)
Transporters began the blockade at 09:00 (Photo: @SeGobCDMX)

They report the presence of protesters in Cafetales

At 09:09 a.m., the Road Orientation Center of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (OVIAL) announced the presence of protesters who block both directions of Cafetales, at the height of the Bombas road, in the Coyoacán mayor's office.

As a road alternative, the National Canal can be considered.

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