Carrera Panamericana honors Mexican pilot who died in competition

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The Pan American Race honored the Mexican pilot Carlos Alberto Gordoa Álvarezwho died this Wednesday during the competition held in San Luis Potosí.

On the official account of the X motorsports competition, formerly Twitter, a video was uploaded that collects the best moments that Carlos Gordoa accumulated during the races of the sporting event.

The video was accompanied by the following message:

“Carlos Gordoa, thank you for being part of the legend, the Carrera Panamericana, and motorsport will always have you in our hearts. Rest in peace".

Carlos Gordoa was traveling aboard the Studebaker Dictator vehicle 1934with competition number 202, in the Armadillo de los Infante speed section, in SLP.

The organizers did not cancel their activities and this Thursday The race was held that had a starting point in San Luis Potosí and culminated in Monterrey, Nuevo León.

In the accident he suffered Carlos Gordoa too was on board his navigator Christian Ángeleswho received medical attention at the scene of the accident and later at a hospital.

The Carrera Panamericana issued a statement in which it informs How did emergency authorities respond? before the accident in which the Mexican pilot died.

It also indicates that the unfortunate accident He was immediately treated by the rescue unit. and medical car who were traveling with the contingent, carrying out excarceration maneuvers with specialized tools to allow the extraction of the navigator, who was conscious, while they fought the fire caused instantly after the impact.

The pilot appeared unconscious and given the magnitude of the impact, trapped in the remains of the car engulfed in fire.

They asserted that the navigator received the first medical attention at the scene to later be transferred to the hospital for definitive management. A second medical car and another rescue unit joined the care at the scene.

The pilot “unfortunately showed injuries incompatible with life” and The navigator was duly extracted from the car, avoiding a possible fatal outcome. due to the presence of constant fire. After attending to the emergency situation, the medical cars and rescue units took stock of the material and equipment used for its replacement, and found themselves in optimal conditions to continue this Thursday protecting the safety of the competitors.

Safety is the number one priority for the Carrera Panamericana Organization, highlighting the medical teams who attended immediately and professionallycomplying with the corresponding protocols, thus limiting other losses to regret.

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