Carolina Sarassa celebrated her daughter Chloé's 4th birthday and Elsa from 'Frozen' arrived as a surprise!

Carolina Sarassa, together with her husband, Andrés Chacón, celebrated the 4th birthday of their daughter Chloé and Elsa from the Disney movie 'Frozen' arrived as a surprise!… And literally, as if it were one of those animations, the presenter of ViX's 'La Voz de la Mañana' and Univision's 'Digital Edition' had a birthday.

It is that although it seems incredible, because of how loving she is like mommy, This is the first time that he was able to celebrate his eldest daughter's birthday, since both Chloé and Noah were born during the pandemicso the parties were not an option due to the extreme care for their children and the family.

Chloé's birthday, Carolina Sarassa's daughter. Photo: Blanca Telleria

Therefore, although it was really something private for family and friends, nothing was missing, even to be in each of the details, he had two accomplices: his community manager, Belkys August, and his publicist Blanca Telleríathe latter well known and recognized in the field for working with great talents.

LThe party was obviously inspired by Chloé's favorite princess, Elsawho in addition to arriving by surprise He brought his own magic bus! where the invited girls could put on makeup, do their hair and get even prettier than they were when they arrived.

The decoration was consistent with everything imagined for this great first day, although it was intentionally minimalist, it was to give it a top touch with lilac and light pink tones.The stationery was made by The Dulce Spot Design, with balloons from Libélula Ballon's.

Chloé with her grandparents
Chloé with her grandparents. Photo: Blanca Telleria

The children had different training areas, The Bounce Cloud took care of the inflatables and swingand The Princess Club performed a Frozen show where the children danced, sang and had fun.

Of course, andhe big moment was when Elsa herself arrived, surprising Chloé from the second-floor balcony. The happiness of the birthday girl was so great that she was not surprised, neither she nor the rest of the girls, many of them daughters of famous friends and colleagues of hers.

Carolina and Chloé with their colleagues from Univision
Carolina and Chloé with their colleagues from Univision. Photo: Blanca Telleria

Who were among the talents who attended to celebrate Carolina's eldest daughter? Satcha Preto and her daughter, Chef Yisus with her two little ones, Jessi Rodríguez, Borja Voces, Elyangélica González, Carolina Rosario, Andrea León, Aly Sánchez, and Carlos Calderón and Vanesa Lyon with León, who reappeared publicly after the presenter ended his relationship with Univision and 'Despierta América'.

Carlos Calderón was with his family on Chloé's birthday
Carlos Calderón was with his family on Chloé's birthday. Photo: Blanca Telleria

The cake, by the hand of Tina's Cake, was obviously inspired by the two princesses: Elsa and the birthday girl who blew

“It has been a very special day for my family. My two little children were born during the pandemic, and I was never able to celebrate my daughter Chloé's birthday for fear of throwing a party. It's her first birthday with a party!... Seeing her face when she met her friends and seeing Princess Elsa filled my soul. We invite the closest friends, their godparents and their friends. I want Chloé to know how much we love her.“Carolina Sarassa told us tired, but happy and excited at the end of the incredible birthday.



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