Carolina Sandoval is happy after testing negative for Covid-19


The popular presenter Carolina sandoval After experiencing great moments of anguish for having been infected with the virus along with other members of his family, he has finally taken the networks to confirm that he is healthy and negative for Covid-19.

It has been she herself who has been in charge of giving the good news to her followers, who have been very aware of her through their social networks, because despite the fact that she has been infected with the virus, her symptoms have been mild so you have not had to be absent for a long period of time.

In the video that he has published on his Instagram account, very much in his style, you can see that he is driving, while his daughter Barbara Camila He records him from the passenger seat, so that his fans are aware of how his evolution has been achieved.

Gone Gone Gone”Is the phrase that Sandoval has expressed under the post.

During the images, she is very excited and happy to have been found negative in the test that has been imposed, commenting that it is the first time that she feels emotion for the word ‘negative’.

On the part of his family, it is still necessary to confirm that his mother Doña Amalia is free of the virus, for the moment she is well and isolated from everyone in her house in Miami that she shares with ‘The queen of the girdle’. Another member who has been kept out of harm’s way is Nick hernandez her husband, whom Sandoval claims has not been infected on any occasion.

The followers of the communicator have not been waiting and have quickly run to leave a nice message of support and encouragement for her and of course her mother so that everything goes well and this episode will soon be in the past.

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