Carolina Acevedo ran out of patience for criticism on MasterChef, and exploded: “I'm not that strong”

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Carolina Acevedo is one of the 5 finalists of MasterChef Celebrity - credit @canalrcn/Instagram

The grand finale of MasterChef Celebrity It gets closer every time. The contestants still standing in the competition already feel the pressure of being considered strong contenders for the title. Tempers have reached a high point.

That is the case of Carolina Acevedowho on several occasions has shown his stress and tension in the reality, by arguing with your peers or openly expressing how you have felt after experiencing setbacks. This happened after the episode broadcast on October 2.

The episode represented a whole carousel of emotions for the actress, because she was extremely moved by the elimination of andl Black. Although he was not one of the participants with whom he had the most problems, he did have two fights with him.

The actress had put the continuity of the Cartagena influencer at risk on two occasions, taking advantage of the advantages she had gained to take away her time in front of the ovens. Iván Ramiro Córdoba (content creator's real name).

For this reason, the reaction of the Ibaguera woman when she fired her partner was surprising. However, the Bolivarian did expect it. “Carolina may be very stratum 10, but she is a very good person, He was always supporting me, he was looking out for me”.

When they left the recording studio, they gave each other a big hug, which generated all kinds of reactions on social networks, including a new wave of criticism against the Tolima interpreter.

Noted for her harsh comments with others, viewers have been incisive with her. However, it seems that she has already lost patience for what people will say. All the situations that she has experienced around the program have shaken her security and confidence.

"I I thought it was safer and here I realized that it was not"I'm not that strong," he expressed before the microphones of the RCN format.

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