Carmen Maura on Pedro Almodóvar: “Getting together did us a lot of good for each other”


The Spanish actress Carmen Maura, 76 years old, will receive the Honor Award at the gala of the IX Platinum Awards for Ibero-American Cinema to be held this Sunday, May 1, in Madrid.

“This award is special because I have worked a lot in Latin America and nobody has found out,” Maura said during a press conference after reciting the countries in which she has filmed, which are almost all from the American continent.

“When they talk about me, it seems to me that it is someone else. Being an actress has been so beautiful, so much fun and much easier than other things in life. So when I see everything I’ve done, I don’t believe it was me, ”said Maura after a video with scenes from her films was shown.

I am going to continue working because for me this job is a vitamin. If I didn’t get in front of the camera, I would become very bland. Because I love doing nothing… So it’s very good for me physically to continue working,” Maura assured.

Carmen Maura and Pedro Almodovar

Maura recalled her beginnings, in which her relationship with Pedro Almodóvar was important: “The two of us getting together did us a lot of good for each other, both of us. We met doing theater, he was not a good actor, but he was the nicest and with whom I identified the most. We became super friends.”

Maura and Almodóvar worked on eight films together like “Pepi, Luci, Boom and other girls from the bunch”, “Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown” and “Volver”. He is known for her disagreement for years, with reunions and estrangements.

“Pedro now has a more complicated life,” said Maura. “Before it was more fun. Sure, he wasn’t being chased by the whole world like now.”

“I know him very well. When we worked together again 20 years later on Volver, he gave me the first instruction and I nailed it the first time. It was not normal for him to come out like this after 20 years without seeing each other. We both got goosebumps, “said the actress.

A talent “without limits”

Enrique Cerezo, president of EGEDA (Audiovisual Producers Services Society) and Atlético de Madrid, presented the award to Carmen Maura after remembering the recently deceased Spanish actor Juan Diego.

“The camera loves Madrid. Just as he loves Carmen Maura ”, Cerezo started his presentation to the winner.

“Your career path is incredible. Your acting talent has no limits.Cerezo told Carmen Maura after recalling the multitude of awards that the actress has received throughout her career: the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Festival, 4 Goya Awards, the César de France, the Golden Shell at the Festival de San Sebastian, among many others.

Cerezo, one of the promoters of the Platinum Awards that seek to promote audiovisual productions in Latin America, Spain and Portugal, made a plea for Ibero-American cinema, more so now in “difficult” times for the industry. And he remembered the words of diego moon when the Mexican actor collected the same Honor Award last year:

“It is we who have to tell our stories.”

The press conference was presented by Juan Carlos Arciniegashost of the ShowBiz program on CNN en Español and ambassador for the Platinum Awards.

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