Carlos Villalobos preserves turtle reproduction in Pueblo Bonito

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At 5 years old Carlos Villalobos He had his first connection with turtles in his native Oaxaca, and for the last 20 years he has been dedicated to preserving them in Nice village, which allows you to share in detail its characteristics and even the myths that exist about this species.

The clock marks a few minutes after 6 in the afternoon, the sun has fallen and night is approaching, it is the ideal time for the release of the little turtles; the experience that is part of the attractions offered by the resort QBeautiful town in Los Cabos. Around 6 families, all dressed in white, parents and children, are ready to experience the action.

But first the expert specifies: “They cannot be grabbed for any reason.” And the indication is fulfilled to the letter when Carlos turns over the box with 300 newborn turtles that are ready to make their way to the sea, although more than one of the little ones "dies" of anxiety to grab them, while they head out. to his destiny.

Carlos Villalobos | Adriana Jimenez Rivera

After explaining that “turtles are born all year round, but it is from June to December when reproduction increases,” the expert adds that “they must be released immediately after they are born so that they do not lose the instinct of swimming frenzy as scientists call it.” ”.

By then the small reptiles continue their course and the little ones do not miss the opportunity to take them, but the expert insists that, even by law, it should not be done; just as its commercialization is not permitted.

“The consumption of meat, eggs, skin, or anything is not permitted; "It is a federal crime, we could end up in serious trouble because it is punishable by up to 9 years in prison," he says while not losing any detail of the scene, because although about 15 minutes have passed there are still several small ones that do not reach the water.

So the passionate man who runs the Turtle Preservation Program He takes time to continue explaining how that great bond was born and what it has resulted in; Well, of the child who in Oaxaca He even ate turtles, and now he is the most fervent caretaker of these reptiles.

Carlos Villalobos | Adriana Jimenez Rivera
Carlos Villalobos | Adriana Jimenez Rivera

“My job is to patrol the beach on a quad bike to collect the eggs and take them to a nursery that we have and as soon as they hatch we do the process of releasing them,” he explains. Carloswho has set a precedent with his actions and also imposed an activity that has triggered the Turtle Preservation Program that leads in Cabo San Lucas.

"In Nice village we have a permit from Los Cabos City Council, a network was created where all hoteliers were invited to protect the turtles, it was achieved and they have gotten involved, there are about 56 companies that are in the program and take care of the beach front. Although Nice village It is different because the extension is very long, we have 8 kilometers to take care of,” says the expert, while the last little turtle has reached the sea and night has fallen.


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