Carlos Speitzer sends a recovery message to Manelyk González, will there be reconciliation?

After Manelyk was rushed to the hospital after suffering a severe fall in "Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy"the contestant of the morning reality show reappeared on the screens wearing a neck brace and explained her medical diagnosis, where she confirmed "I have a concussion, cervical sprain, post-traumatic tendonitis, that is, I don't even know how to pronounce it, but I have all that like this that they will not see me for some days.”

Despite going out in front of cameras to say that he was fine, dozens of followers wanted to know his state of health and not just followers, Also friends and ex-partners from other reality shows, it was here that those who had written to Mane were curious because there is no reality show from which it does not come out in the midst of controversy.

That is why on the afternoon of Thursday, November 17, already a little more recovered, but still with the neck brace, Mane decided to do a live broadcast where he talked about everything a bit, confessing that a dance partner sent him a message and he did not It was Josh nor Colt.

It was nothing more and nothing less than Carlos Speitzer, with whom in recent weeks he has had many disagreements because although they were great friends and it was even rumored that they could have a romance, now it seems that they cannot be seen even in painting.

Manelyk recounted in his broadcast this Thursday that "the former bobis" as he affectionately calls Speitzer put aside his fights and sent a messageThis surprised the exacashore and assured that it seemed like a great detail on the part of the actor.

In addition to revealing that Carlos Speitzer contacted her, Mane once again said "bobis" and not "ex bobis" so it is presumed that they could soon make peace again and be friends, in addition that also showed a little doll of " The Powerpuff Girls" that the actor gave him and assures that said present is used a lot.

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