Carlos Rosario School prepares annual graduation

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The Carlos Rosario International School, located in two large premises in Washington, DC, is preparing to celebrate its annual graduation on Tuesday the 20th and that was the opportunity for its executive director, Allison Kokkoros, to present to Washington Hispanic the main achievements of the educational institution.

"Tuesday the 20th - he said - is a day where we can celebrate our progress as a school and honor the achievements of our exceptional students."

The appointment will take place in the DAR Constitution Hall (1776 D Street Northwest, Washington, DC), starting at 5:45 pm, when the graduates will begin to arrive to participate in the traditional ceremonial procession scheduled to begin at 6:00 pm

In the school community of the Carlos Rosario school there are 2,000 adult students enrolled from 80 different countries, said Kokkoros, who added that the institution "is full of activities within our classrooms and in the community in general."

In this regard, he announced that "from a solid fall semester, we further increased our enrollment in the spring semester to 2,026 students."

He also mentioned the 2025 Strategic Plan, "created as a roadmap for our joint work over the next three years."

He explained that the plan was created through engagement sessions and feedback from staff from all departments, leaders, and stakeholders.

With satisfaction, Kokkoros mentioned that the school is distinguished by digital equity and access to technology for students. "To do this, we improved the process of incorporating laptops for students and implemented laptops with Internet access for all students at the Carlos Rosario School."

He also stressed that the campus continues to advocate for adult students. “We come together, mobilize our community, and extend the needs of our students to change agents and community leaders,” he said.

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