Carlos III begins his royal functions and receives the emblematic red box; containing?

During almost all the years that she served as queen, Elizabeth II received the red box daily containing documents from UK government ministers, Commonwealth representatives and other countries.

Now it is Carlos III’s turn, who already received the famous red box and with it to fulfill their royal duties.

The account of the Royal Family in Instagram shared the first image of Carlos III with the Red Box. The documents found in it are sent from the Private Secretariat to the king, wherever he may be, every day.

In the publication of Instagram Photos of the late Queen Elizabeth II with the Red Box were also shared during her reign. “Her Majesty from her Queen Elizabeth received the red boxes, which were made at her Coronation in 1953, almost every day of her reign, including weekends and holidays, but excluding christmas day”, he informs.

In the comments of the publication, hundreds of users of the social network took the opportunity to wish him good wishes and highlight the historical significance of the photo: “Good luck, Your Majesty! Long live the king!”.

(With information from Regina Diez Gutiérrez)