Carlos Calderón and Vanessa Lyon: After the scandal they are together again

Carlos Calderon and Vanessa Lyon.

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After the scandal, Carlos Calderón and Vanessa Lyon returned, yes they are together againand thus they were publicly shown to hugs, kisses and cWe are like a whole couple in love at the concert that Christian Nodal gave on November 11 in Miami, Florida.

After the scandal, the war of mutual accusations, Calderón from the legal path with a process of violence against the actress and mother of her son, a complaint to the police, imprisonment, and the request for possession of León. Y Vanessa accusing him of being violent, narcissistic, of leaving her on the street, of wanting to take the baby out of her and even making a collection to raise money to support themselves and pay the lawyer, it all ended in 'they reconciled and were happy'.

For several weeks the possibility of a reconciliation between the presenter of 'Despierta América' and the Telemundo actress has been rumored. At first it was thought that it was a truce for the well-being of the most important thing for both: their son León… We no longer see on social networks Vanessa the hints against Calderón, no more examples of narcissistic, manipulative and violent men.

Vanessa Lyon and Carlos Calderón together again at the Christian Nodal concert
Vanessa Lyon and Carlos Calderón together again at the Christian Nodal concert. Photo: Vanessa Lyon/Instagram

The strongest evidence was the dismissal or request for annulment of the lawsuit filed by Carlos against Lyon for violencethe request for restriction and custody of the baby of both.

We can confirm, in the first person, that this between the two It was much more than a truce, it is a reconciliation. This past Friday andn the concert that Christian Nodal gave to a full house in Miami, the Univision presenter and the Telemundo actress were without León, that is, not in their role as parents, but as a true couple in love..

Although Calderón tried to cover himself with the cap he was wearing and behind Vanessa, there they were as a happy couple, even Lyon played with the images, from his Instagram accountshowing how he hugged her around the waist, caressed her and even part of Calderón's hat and forehead behind her.

Vanessa Lyon and Carlos Calderón together again at the Christian Nodal concert
Vanessa Lyon and Carlos Calderón together again at the Christian Nodal concert. Photo: Vanessa Lyon/Instagram

But beyond Lyon's fun game of intrigue, the writer of this article witnessed the situation, and I was able to see it in person how the two behaved like true lovers.

doWhere are the accusations of 'violent', 'toxic', 'narcissistic', 'liars', living a 'nightmare', fighting for the son? Apparently they would have stayed buried in search of this new opportunity that they would have decided to give themselves.

Let us remember that everything in this couple has always brought a halo of mysteryever since they started. We found out they were together practically the day he gave her an engagement ring in a helicopter.. Later we found out that At that time Vanessa was already pregnant, she announced that they gave when she was already 7 months pregnant!

When he broke out in scandal, it was revealed that at the time of being in a relationship with Calderón and getting pregnant she was still married to Marcus Nand. The only scandalous and public thing was the separation, because until the reconciliation they continued to handle it as a mystery. We will continue to tell you how this story continues.

We tried to contact Calderón to officially confirm the reconciliation, but so far we have not received a response from him.



-Carlos Calderón from 'Despierta América' vs. Vanessa Lyon: Lawsuit for domestic violence

-Vanessa Lyon was married when she got engaged and had a son with Carlos Calderón

-Vanessa Lyon was detained and has a restraining order for alleged assault on Carlos Calderón

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