Carlos Alcaraz will arrive at the Paris Masters 1000 reduced, he assured

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In fight with Novak Djokovic for the throne of men's tennis world, Carlos Alcaraz acknowledged not reaching 100% at the Paris-Bercy Masters 1000which began this Monday in the French capital.

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The 20-year-old Spanish tennis player, who He has not won a tournament since his epic July victory at Wimbledon against Djokovichad recently resigned from the Basel (Switzerland) tournament due to left foot and back problems.

I still have a little discomfort on the sole of my foot, it is not 100% resolved, but I am doing the best I can. I have recovered well, it is much less present than before," Alcaraz explained.

Let's play with what we have. It is the end of the season, which has been very long, demanding. It is normal that problems appear, you have to manage them, play as best as possible with those problems," added Juan Carlos Ferrero's pupil.

Alcaraz He also assured of arriving in Paris "with trust" and "with a very good level", also trying to send an optimistic message.

The Murcian player, exempt in the first round due to his ATP rankingwill start in the second against the Russian Roman Safiullin (45th), who this Monday defeated the Frenchman Alexandre Muller (83rd) 7-6 (7/4) and 6-3.

Before this Paris-Bercy Masters 1000 and the season-ending Masters in Turin (Italy) mid-November, Djokovic and Alcaraz are separated in the 'Race', the classification of the results of the same seasonby 500 points in favor of the Serbian.

I have two tournaments left and if I want to regain the world number 1 I have to do my best, both here and in Turin," admits Alcaraz. "The goal is to try to improve day by day to play at a very good high level and have chances of achieve the title," he said.


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