Carin León conquers Seville

Carin León conquers Seville
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SEVILLE.— Last night, Carin León conquered the city, but not the old way, but she did it through music and her voice.

The Mexican sang under the large Sevillian structure known as Las Setas, in the heart of the Andalusian city, in the show La Cultura that Connects Us, organized by Amazon Music within the framework of Latin Grammy week.

Around 7:30 p.m., the man from Sonora arrived at the place surrounded by shouts chanting his name, coming from dozens of young people who were waiting for him at the place.

Bravo, Carin!”, “Long live Mexico!” and even a “Make me a son!”, coming from a man's voice, was how the musician and singer was received while he shook hands with one of them or took a selfie.

After the participation of the Spanish María José Llergo on a stage placed on the esplanade ended, the turn was for the Mexican, who after the first song he sang, It's not around hereconnected with his audience immediately and, of course, with the large bottle of tequila that was on a structure placed on one side of the stage.

“Let's see, are you tracking the race? Salucita, Seville. Long live Mexico, bastards,” León said in one of his interventions.

Topics like Indispensable, Background music and Rum and cokefor which he invited the Spaniard Omar Montes to sing with him, happened one after another, while the sandwiches, wine and beers circulated among those attending the show organized by the streaming platform.

“One more drink and he becomes a badass,” Carín exclaimed to get a couple of laughs from some of those present.

As time passed, the musician enjoyed the evening more and more. He sang with great feeling, closing his eyes while he clenched his fist and moved from one side of the stage to the other.

The audience captured every moment with their cell phones through photographs and videos, while they sang with him as if they were remembering a love or, like the film, they also sing about pain.

I apreciate it was the next topic, for which he invited “the legendary Kany García”, a woman “that all artists should learn from”, he stated.

And as a tribute to Spain, León performed a great version of city ​​fishby Joaquín Sabina “Long live Spanish music!” he shouted.

Upstairs Mr. Vicente Fernández and Mr. Juan Gabriel,” he commented.

Before the applause of the public who looked at him astonished, he arrived I would like to know, a song for which he removed the microphone from his mouth and carried it below his waist, a fact that left several people surprised by the power of his voice. “That's how Pepe Aguilar taught me,” he said.

The applause did not wait and before what seemed to be the end, he invited to the stage whoever had seen him from the beginning from the front row in a parade accompanied by his family, including his daughter Ángela, Pepe Aguilar.

Many had not seen him, so it was a pleasant surprise when Carín invited him to sing a very emotional “palomazo” with him.

Oh wow! “Where do I get on?” asked the member of the Aguilar dynasty.

While they handed Pepe a microphone and placed a monitor in one of his ears, Carín continued with her speech:

Gentlemen, the best artist that Mexico has ever produced…”, “Ah bastard,” Aguilar responded. “Yes, Mr. José Alfredo Jiménez!” added León.

It is, for us, like Camarón (the Spanish singer) for you” and those were the words for the improvised song, and very well executed, that the two raffled off: I let you off the leash.

After a big hug, Pepe came down from the stage and Carín closed with a “Viva México!, Viva España!, Viva Latinoamérica!”, to take the last shot of tequila on stage. Carin will play in CDMX on November 24.

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