Caribbean Series: Mexico leaves the Colombian Vaqueros on the field | Video

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The Los Mochis cane growerswhich represent Mexico in al Caribbean Series 2023prevailed over the Colombian Monteria Cowboys by marker 6-7 in the third day of the important international baseball tournament, where he also Venezuela bowed to Cuba 3-20.

Both teams opened the scoring in the first entry of the game, reaching the register twice each, so that in the second the Mexicans went up with a home run by Juan Bernabé Uriarte.

In it fifth episode Colombia He managed to drive in four more runs thanks to a single from jesus marriaga and what followed andres santiago with a fly fence, which brought them closer to victory before reaching the eighth inning.

But it was here that the cane holderschampions of the Mexican winter league, they tied the game with two singles to six runs per team.

Already in the last entry of the even game between Mexico and Colombiathe Mexican national Roberto Valenzuela advanced the score to 7-6 and sentenced the match after boosting Juan Rafael Ornelas to home and give to the Cañeros his second win in the Series.

In the last game of the day, the Lions of Caracas Venezuela dominantly demoted the Cuban farmers for a bulky 3-20 on the scoreboard.

He venezuelan outfit scored his first seven runs in the first inningwhile Cuba could only add a hairline with a double to right field from Yosvani Alarcon.

In the second entrythe Lions added two more races thanks to a home run Danry Vasquez and a double of Jose Gregorio Rondon.

Cuba added two more in the third inning and a final one in the eighth with singles from alarconbut it was insufficient to get closer on the scoreboard, with Venezuela adding six more races in the fourth, fifth and sixth.

In it eighth inninga homer of Jose Gregorio Rondon drove in three more runs for the Caracas Lions.

Now, in the fourth daywhich will be held this Sunday, the Monteria Cowboys will be measured against curacaowhile Mexico will crash into Cuba and Dominican with Venezuela.

(With information from EFE)

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