Caribbean Series 2023: The dream of Cañeros de Los Mochis ends in the Semifinals | Video

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They roared in the important game...

Los Mochis cane growersmonarchs of the Mexican Pacific League and representatives of Mexicothey said goodbye to the Caribbean Series 2023after losing 8-3 against Licey Tigers, squad of Dominican Republicin the important match for the ticket to the great Finalcelebrated this Thursday the Forum de La Guaira Stadium, located in Macuto, Venezuela.

With a 5-2 mark in the first phase, the Sinaloa squad, directed by the Venezuelan manager Jose Morenoqualified first for the round of direct elimination, where he met again with the Dominican ninthwhich defeated the debut of both teams 5-4 on February 2.

lecey tigers, squad with the most titles in the Latin American Classic, 10 in its 20 appearances, learned a valuable lesson and this time did not give the best opportunity for the Mexican reactionas happened in their first confrontation.

the quisqueyan battery attacked American first baseman Matt Pobereykostarter for Mexico, from the very beginning of the match and went up 2-0 on the board with the runs of Cano and Barrera in the first two innings.

A three race rally at the top of the fourth roll extended the Antillean advantage 5-0. And the closing of the same fourth ininng appeared the mexican answer with the bells of Valenzuela and Amador to shorten the distance 5-2.

But the powerful reaction was an illusion, since he missed the pitch again in the fateful seventh inning, when Gutiérrez blew the fence through left field with Rojas Jr on the trails.

Mexico did not lower its arms and in the eighth episode Ornelas hit a sacrifice fly to left field who brought the register to Rodriguez.

However, all hope was diluted in the ninth, when Rojas Jr. scored an unearned run, after Rivas' error, to seal the ticket for the Dominicans to the match in which they will seek their eleventh title.

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