Car dealership attacked in León; At least 10 vehicles stolen

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A commando attacked the Volvo agency in the Golden Zone of León on Sunday morning, Guanajuatostealing at least 10 luxury cars valued at 600 thousand pesos on average. For this reason, the Secretary of Security Mario Bravo Arrona could be fired, since the corporation's mistakes are repeated, among them, the fact that the same active uniformed officers were caught committing crimes.

The criminal group, made up of 15 people, took the time to choose the cars to steal, they even stole the ones that had gasoline.

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The events occurred around 10 in the morning, at the Volvo agency located on Alonso de Torres Boulevard, in the Villas del Juncal neighborhood, when a subject knocked on the glass door, one of the main entrances to the premises. When the security guard opened the door, he was pointed at him and thrown to the floor by the lone subject.

Moments later, other people arrived at the dealership and entered to begin inspecting the vehicles and then taking them away, according to the video surveillance cameras.

After the criminal operation, the guard called the 911 emergency line to report the events.

Authorities open investigation into the robbery

Through a statement, The Ministry of Security, Prevention and Citizen Protection of León reported that it collaborates in the investigation of vehicle theft from a dealership located in Villas del Juncal.

At the moment, through the Computing, Command, Communications and Control Center (C4), the Preventive Police and the Road Police, various search operations are being carried out in the municipality, with information that has been collected at the scene of the incident and with obtained in the investigation of the Ministry of Security.”

In the same way, the Secretary of Security related the mechanics of the events.

According to what was reported by the affected party, this Sunday at 10:28 in the morning, when the agency does not provide service, an unknown person approached the door and one of those responsible for guarding the agency when it is closed, opened the door. door. This was taken advantage of by a group of criminals to take 10 vehicles. As soon as those affected informed the authority, the Secretariat of Security, Prevention and Citizen Protection has worked to investigate details of the incident and try to locate the cars.”

It should be noted that So far there is no information on the recovery of any of the stolen cars.



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